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    what do you think of Georgiana?

    Love it, hate it? What type of imagery does it conjure up, what would you imagine a girl named Georgiana to be like?
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    I think of a cute little British girl with brown ringlets and honey brown eyes. I find it to be quite regal and mature, but the variety of nicknames make it workable on a young girl. Personally, I like Georgina better, but Georgiana is my second favorite Georgi- name.
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    Its very sweet and Jane Austen-esque. I love the nickname Gigi.
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    Love it... but there are too many ways to say it.
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    I absolutely love it particularly pronounced Jor-jay-nah. My hubby vetoed it for my daughter but its still on my list if I have another girl.

    I think is very feminine but not cutesy. Ohhhh! I really do love this name!
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