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    No I dont think its weird at all . Story Mae is different enough from Stephanie Marie . As pp mention men do it all the time . I am also in a similar sitiuation like yours . I plan to name my daughter Isabella when my name is Bellerose . i think you have nothing to concern .

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    i love hearing all the different viewpoints! thanks for chiming in everyone!
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    I don't like naming children after yourself, man or woman. It does come off as vain.
    Lotus is tied to my name and anyone who knows anything about Hinduism or Buddhism would instantly see the connection. Shea, Ashley, Noor, and Pallas are also connected to my name. I'm not naming my kids after myself just using my name as a starting point to find names for them. Using similar sounds/initials/origins/meanings/etc is not that same as naming your child 'Me Jr.'

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    Used to be done all the time, at least in my region. I know plenty of mothers/grandmothers with the same first or middle. A family name is a family name, so I see nothing wrong in sharing. I have the same middle as my cousin, and her sister shares a middle with another cousin and that cousin's daughter. Clearly we don't worry about over sharing. :-)

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    In general, no. I don't think it's vain at all. Especially in an example such as this, where the parent/child names are similar but not the same.

    The only time I ever thought that naming after parents was weird: the parents named the first two children, a boy and a girl, the same exact first/middle combinations as themselves. And then went on to have a boatload more children and didn't seem to name those children after anyone at all. That one came across as vain.

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