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    Yeah it's vain if the name is exactly after yourself but since it's just the same initials it's fine

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    Personally I don't like naming children after the parents for either gender, but I know I'm probably in the minority. I couldn't stand 'Novaberry Junior', or 'Novaberry II'. Children should be allowed their own identities, and there are so many great names out there.

    I'm a bit more understanding of name variants or middle names to honour grandparents, great grandparents, or dearly departed friends/relatives (my grandmother is called Margaret, and I would seriously consider using the name Megan for example). But I think honouring yourself in such a way is, at best, lazy. At worst, egotistical. The only exception to this is possibly if a parent has died prior to the child being named.

    All just personal opinion though!
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    First and foremost, I find Story Mae beautiful and sweet. Now to answer your question..

    The only problem I see with people naming children after themselves is the confusion it causes when two people of the same name live in the same house. My father refused to name a son after himself because he didn't want people having to ask for Big Dan or Little Dan. My ex-husband had all sorts of trouble with credit issues because he had the exact same name as his Dad and they shared and address for a while when my ex was in his 20s.

    Obviously, using a name that has ties to yours but is not identical will cause none of those problems. The only challenge that I would see you having is making sure that a second and subsequent daughters names equally special.
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    I hold the sentiment of naming a child in honor or in memory of a loved one in high regard. But naming after ones' self?... eh.

    I guess it's the intention behind it:
    If it's because you want to say "she's MY daughter" or "she's a little version of ME," then I think it's tacky.
    If it's because you want to share a bond with her, "we have a DEEP MOTHER DAUGHTER CONNECTION" then it's a little better.

    That being said, your name and your proposed daughter's name are different enough that I don't think anyone would ever harp on it.

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    Well, using the same initials as your name isn't the same as calling a child Junior, is it? The names are completely different so if you like Story Mae, then go for it!
    All the best,

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