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    New & revised names we both lovemkistand combo ideas..

    Names we both love...well at least like
    Surname is 4 syllables long, starts with an L ends in -bardi...and name should fit well with future son William Robert

    First names: Juliana, Juliet, Johanna, Elena, Elaina, Brianna, Hayden, Milena, Mila, Eva, Kelsey, Kiley, Nora, and Natalie

    Middle names: Kate, Rose, Jane, Jean, Elizabeth, Brooke, Carys, Marin, Nicole, and Willow (some of the middle names have not been agreed to by hubby)

    Some combos I love! What is your FAVORITE??? Thanks in advance for thoughts and suggestions!
    Juliana Rose
    Juliana Kate
    Juliana Carys
    Juliana Brooke
    Juliana Kimberly

    Juliet Rose

    Johanna Rose
    Johanna Kate
    Johanna Marin
    Johanna Willow

    Milena Rose
    Milena Kate
    Milena Brooke

    Mila Rose
    Mila Kate
    Mila Brooke
    Mila Jane

    Elena Rose
    Elena Kate
    Elena Brooke
    Elena Jane

    Hayden Rose

    Brianna Rose

    Kiley Rose
    Kiley Jane

    Eva Juliet
    Eva Rose
    Eva Jane/Jean
    Eva Kimberly

    Kelsey Brooke
    Kelsey Brianne
    Kelsey Rose

    Nora Juliet
    Nora Kate
    Nora Rose
    Nora Elizabeth

    Natalie Rose
    Natalie Winter

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    That title was supposed to read "new & revised list of names we both love with combo ideas" darn iPad sent before I was ready, my apologies.

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    I ADORE Juliet!!!! Juliet Rose is perfection.

    I also love Elena Kate, Eva Juliet and Nora Juliet. Stunning! Combos to consider: Elena Willow and Elena Winter.

    Milena and Mila don't fit well with William in my opinion, although I very much like those names.

    I personally don't care for Juliana, Hayden, Brianna, Kiley, or Kelsey. They seem too trendy/popular.
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    Elena Kate or Elena Rose really stand out to me.

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    @marinadancel17- I love Juliet Rose too...definitely near the top of the list for me.
    And now that you say it, Milena and Mila don't sound the greatest with William...what a shame, maybe for a second child if both happen to be girls because we are only planning on having 2 in that case there would be no William...
    The names you dislike most Hayden, Brianna, Kiley, and Kelsey are all originally from DH's

    @gabriela- we both love Elena, the only thing is one of DH's Ex's had this do we love it enough to keep it from being unusable because of this is the question...

    I appreciate both of your inputs!

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