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    Armand - och, I love Armand! How do you feel about the tie to Armand St. Just? It makes me want to suggest Armand Just/Armand Justus simply because of him. I love The Scarlet Pimpernel! How about Armand Leander, Armand Felix, Armand Ivan, Armand Owen?
    Cairo - Cairo Julian? Cairo Finnegan?
    Felix - Felix Augustus? Felix Atticus? Felix Aurelian?
    Garrett - Garrett Nemo? Garrett Maximo, Garrett Luca?
    Hollis - Hollis George, Hollis Armand, Hollis Leon?
    Hugh - Hugh Philemon? Hugh Vincent? Hugh Oberon?
    Iker - Iker George, Iker Lysander, Iker Tristram?
    Kendrick - Kendrick Arne, Kendrick Sebastian, Kendrick Rio?
    Ludovic - Ludovic Nathaniel, Ludovic Zane, Ludovic Flynn?
    Magnus - Magnus Oskar, Magnus Benedict, Magnus Vaughn?
    Silvan - Silvan Everett, Silvan Theodore, Silvan George?

    I feel like I'm very bad at this, lol. I think I was just enticed by Armand! Plus, of course after you said no common MNs, I thought Alexander sounded amazing with everything... I hope something appealed, anyway...
    Ashley | storyteller | Christian

    thinking about Seville, the Sagrada Família, and torrijas (Spain!):
    Adela Ainhoa ▪ Alejandra Miren ▪ Anna María Sol ▪ Eliana Elixabete ▪ Evangelina Leonor "Eva"
    Isabel Haizea ▪ Lidia Izar ▪ Lucía Itxaro ▪ Magdalena Beatriu "Magda" ▪ Sofía Mireia
    Agustín Petri ▪ Andrés Benjamín ▪ Daniel Aitor ▪ Gaspar Francisco ▪ Hugo Patxi
    Lucas Iker ▪ Matías Alesander ▪ Santiago Xavier ▪ Sebastián Sendoa ▪ Teodoro Artur "Teo"

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    oboeplayer1: Thank you! I like all of your suggestions pretty much. The only one I'm not big on are Milo and Micah.

    rkrd: Thank you! I like Neville, Balthazar, and Lorenzo!

    ashthedreamer: I have never read the Scarlet Pimpernel so I can't say I have a feeling on the association. like a lot of your suggestions. Favorites: Armand Felix, Cairo Julian, Felix Aurelian, Hugh Oberon, Iker Tristam, Kendrick Sebastian, Ludovic Nathaniel, Magnus Oskar, & Silvan Everett

    brigid16: Thanks! I like Ignatius, Gideon, Constantin, Benedict, Duncan, & Matthias.

    niiskuneiti: Thank you - I like Ulysses, Desmond, Olivier, Everett, Tobias, Walter, & Reginald.
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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