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    Smile Much needed input on the names we like for #3.. please!

    I have until November before the baby comes, but the lack of progress my husband and I have made in the name department is making me nervous. We don't know the gender, but I have a strong feeling its a girl and of course girls names (as much fun as they are) are not where we share much common ground. Both of our styles are all over the place- we just like names for the names, not for the category they fall into.

    Some of the names that we could maybe both be on board with (some his pics, some mine..)


    Very different styles in one list, I know. But I would love whatever thoughts you can give me. List your favorites, tell me what you think of each, add new suggestions, whatever you can do

    Some names of his that I do not like:
    Daisy (like it but not for our family, I don't know)

    Some names of mine that he does not like:
    (To be honest, he isn't crazy about some of the ones I listed above, but for now, I'm dreaming).

    Other info- we have a 3 syllable "Mc" last name. Brother is Mason Patrick and sister is Brenna Claire. (I don't want to label my style as modern because of the other children's names, but I would like a name that compliments them).

    Really appreciate any and all help- thank you!

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    Evelyn and jocelyn immediately stood out to me. Both are lovely and lend themselves to a multitude of nn choices.
    All your hubby's choices which you are not keen on seem to have a 'y' in them as well so he might like these 2 best?
    Having the 'n' sound on the end of these 2 also sounds good in relation to your other 2 kidlets names who feature the use of n in one syllable.
    Mason, Brenna and Evelyn
    Mason, Brenna and Jocelyn.
    Both combinations sound good - connectivity, flow but difference/individuality.

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    Mason, Brenna and Felicity Jane. From your list, I like Rachel and Natalie. Perhaps Rachel Allegra or Natalie Quinn.

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    Thank you cdm! Agree with you.. both names I can see being top contenders. Our only Jocelyn issue is that we prefer the 2 syllable pronunciation (but don't hate it with 3). And Evelyn is more old fashioned that my husband's general taste, but he's coming around to it.

    Any other thoughts out there? Would love to hear em

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    love love love Quinn or Darcy for you! I think Mason, Brenna, and Quinn/Darcy is adorable! I think Caroline, Valerie, or Jocelyn would be great too though.

    Caroline- can't go wrong with this one! Beautiful classic choice with adorable nickname options
    Evelyn- I like Evelyn but think it's a little mismatched with your other kids' names, imo.
    Vanessa- Not my style, but a nice name.
    Rachel-Can't go wrong, though it does feel a little dated
    Jocelyn- love it!
    Sloane- Not my style
    Summer- Cute
    Valerie- Love it! Another one you can't go wrong with
    Corinne - not really sure on pronunciation
    Natalie- Ok
    Quinn- Favorite
    Darcy- Love this one!
    Nina- Not my style.

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