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    I honestly don't care at all about popularity! There is no guarantee that if I pick a name that is ranked 562 one year isn't going to jump really high the next year. Also, I have a popular name. In middle school I hated it (more just my name, not really the popularity of it), but now I've come to appreciate it! Everyone can spell and pronounce it (unless you are a Starbucks barista, then the normal way to spell Grace is Grayce :P ). I honestly feel like you are limiting yourself so much if you say "I'm only going to us names that aren't in the top 200" or whatever, there are so many great names, why limit yourself?
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    My name was very popular when I was born. My name is Stephanie and i'm 24. Stephanie started gaining popularity in the 70s and in the late 90s started to fizzle out. It's still somewhat popular but it's steadily declining. I used to think my name was too popular in school. I was in a small elementary school so I didn't meet a single other Stephanie in elementary school but come middle and high school there were Stephanie's everywhere! Like a Stephanie palooza! Had a teacher say "Stephanie" you had 5+ girls saying "Here!" It used to bug me a little in school but not too bad and eventually I got to the point where now I don't mind. I love my name and I always have it was just annoying in school with so many girls having the same name.

    I figure a person makes the name the name doesn't make the person. You can take many names and think of someone great and someone bad with the same name.

    As has been said already what is popular name wise differs from place to place. So i'd take that into consideration. Just because Sophia is up top...I have not met ONE sophia....ever. Not even a middle name as far as I know. So i'd definitely consider Sophia despite it's popularity and I do find Sophia very pretty.

    I do tend to love less common names, not in the top 100 but some in the top 100 I love anyway, generally though the ones in the top 100 I love I never hear around me.. Most of my favorites though are in the top 400-1000+ even. But not all.

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    I would prefer that a name is rare and hope my favourite names aren't too popular (a lost cause for many of them). But popularity would never be a deal-breaker- if one of them became even #1 I would still love it.

    My favourites differ drastically in popularity- Elizabeth is in the top 10 now I think, while Cordelia and Fitzwilliam don't even rank.

    That being said, I'm nowhere near having kids so I may have a different opinion by then.
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    I definitely try to stay clear of the top 200. If its breaching the 400 mark I'm a little suspicious that it might eventually creep up. Not rated or close to 1000 get big bonus points. I've had a tendency to love names that ended up in the top 20 a few years later ( i.e. Ethan, Isabelle) so this is my strategy for avoiding this. : ) Maybe, I'm overthinking it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabbygrace1915 View Post
    I honestly feel like you are limiting yourself so much if you say "I'm only going to us names that aren't in the top 200" or whatever, there are so many great names, why limit yourself?
    I feel the exact opposite. There are SO many great, legit names that are rarely used. Why give your kid a name that has become overused?
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