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    Another Long Name Quiz (10 Children)

    DD1, first name:
    What color is your bedspread?
    Red -- Vanessa
    Black-- Coralie
    White -- Miriam
    Green-- Allison
    Blue-- Naomi
    Brown-- Lilianna
    Purple-- Bryony
    Pink-- Ariana
    Pattern/Multicolored-- Abigail
    Other-- Angela

    DD2, middle name:
    What color is your shirt?
    Purple/Red/Pink-- Belle
    Orange/ yellow-- Jane
    Green/Blue-- Jade
    Black/White-- Ruth
    Brown/Tan/Grey-- Kaye
    Silver/Gold-- Pearl
    Striped-- Rain
    Plaid-- Blythe
    Multicolored/Other pattern-- Hope

    DS1, first name:
    If you lived in the 1700's what would have been your best skill?
    carpentry-- Joshua
    cooking-- Julian
    sewing/ Embroidery--Oliver
    teaching-- Benjamin
    farming-- Jonathan
    horseback riding-- Harrison
    brewing alcohol-- Nicholas
    cleaning-- Timothy
    Sailing-- Donovan
    Masonry-- Darian

    DS1, middle name:
    Favorite Breed of dog
    Retreiver (Golden, Labrador, etc)-- Chase
    Collie-- Grant
    German Shepherd--Drake
    Pug/ Bulldog-- Blaine
    Poodle-- Finn
    Spaniel (Cocker, Springer, etc)-- Clarke
    Terrier (Boston, Yorkshire, etc)-- Graham
    Beagle-- Jay
    Great Dane-- Zane
    Other/None-- Jude

    DS2, first name:
    If you were stranded on an island and could have only 1 thing:
    Knife-- Dean
    Survival Manual-- Mark
    Fishing Pole--Reid
    Large Water Bottle-- Craig
    Cell phone-- Royce

    DS2, middle name:
    Favorite flavor of ice cream?
    Vanilla/Frech Vanilla-- Malachi
    Chocolate-- Frederick
    Strawberry/Cherry-- Raphael
    Chocolate-chip cookie dough--Finnegan
    Butter Pecan/Pralines N Cream-- Cassius
    Rocky Road/Moose Tracks--Alistair
    Mint Chocolate Chip--Emerson
    Oreo/ Cookies and Cream-- Thaddeus
    Neapolitan-- Estevan
    None-- Emory

    DD2, first name:
    If you had to name your children from one of these categories...
    Flowers/trees-- Jasmine
    Rocks/gems-- Caitlin
    Birds-- Erin
    Animals (not birds)--Autumn
    Food-- Eden
    Cities-- Hazel
    Bible Names-- Shannon
    Types of Cars-- Aspen
    Occupations-- Kendall
    Surnames/Last names-- Laurel

    DD2, middle name:
    Where would you like live?
    Apartment in a big city-- Arabella
    Condo in a medium city-- Evelina
    House in the suburbs-- Ophelia
    House in the country--Elizabeth
    Farm in the country--Alexandra
    Mansion in the middle of nowhere-- Isabela
    Cabin on a mountain-- Esperanza
    Cabin on a beach--Aurelia
    Sailboat on the ocean-- Ursulina
    RV/Motorhome travelling where you want-- Angelina

    DS3, first name:
    What letter does your first name start with?
    A-B-- Asher
    E-F-- Ethan
    G-H-- Evan
    I-K-- Jacob
    L-M-- Ezra
    N-P-- Owen
    Q-S-- Calvin
    T-V-- Thatcher
    W-Z-- Casey

    DS3, middle name:
    What letter does your first name end with?
    A-B-- Josiah
    C-D-- Obadiah
    E-F-- Matteo
    G-H-- Nehemiah
    I-K-- Dakota
    L-M-- Amadeus
    N-P-- Armando
    Q-S-- Matthias
    T-V-- Tobias
    W-Z-- Ezekiel

    DD3, first name:
    If you could visit any of these countries…
    Australia-- Gemma
    Madagascar-- Jenna
    Greece-- Dana
    South Africa-- Vera
    Brazil-- Kara
    Mexico-- Terra
    Israel-- Anna
    France-- Cora
    Malaysia-- Maya

    DD3, middle name:
    What instrument do you play (would you learn)
    Piano/keyboard/organ-- Josephine
    Violin/viola/Cello/Bass-- Maria
    Clarinet/saxophone-- Lucille
    Trumpet/French Horn/Tuba/Trombone-- Sabine
    Bagpipes/Accordion-- Louise
    Drums/Percussion/Marimba/Xylophone-- Lizette
    Oboe/Bassoon/English Horn-- Vivienne
    Harp/Lyre-- Celine
    Guitar/E. Bass/Mandolin/Banjo-- Colette

    DD4, first name:
    What is your favorite flower?
    Rose-- Mary
    Tulip-- Molly
    Lillac-- Lacy
    Iris-- Aubrey
    Orchid-- Ruby
    Violet-- Zoey
    Snapdragon-- Paisley
    Sunflower-- Heidi
    Pansy-- Jody
    Lily-- Daisy

    DD4, middle name:
    Who is the scariest Disney villain?
    Ursula (Little Mermaid)-- Alexis
    Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)-- Meredith
    Scar (Lion King)-- Savannah
    Claude Frollo (Hunckback of Notre Dame)-- Magdalena
    Captain Hook (Peter Pan)-- Natasha
    Shere Khan (Jungle Book)-- Henrietta
    Queen Grimhilde/Witch (Snow White)-- Katrina
    Jafar (Aladdin)-- Seraphina
    Hades (Hercules)-- Catalina
    Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations)-- Corinna

    DD5, first name:
    What is your favorite cat?
    Lynx/Bobcat-- Briella
    Jaguar/Leopard-- Letitia
    Cheetah-- Rosalie
    Lion-- Tiffany
    House cat--Lucinda

    DD5, middle name:
    What jewelry are you wearing?
    Necklace-- Jean
    Ring-- Kate
    Nose/belly button/eyebrow stud-- Shae
    Bracelet/Anklet-- Joyce
    Watch-- Anne
    Two of the above-- Brynn
    Three of the above-- Bay
    Four or more of the above--Fawn

    DS4, first name:
    Who would you rather meet?
    Napoleon Bonaparte-- Weston
    Aristotle-- Corbin
    Alexander the Great-- Austin
    Adolf Hittler-- Tyson
    Charles Darwin-- Jason
    Martin Luther-- Darren
    Confucius-- Jordan
    Leonardo da Vinci-- Cristpin
    Charles Dickens--Brandon
    Genghis Khan-- Hudson

    DS4, middle name:
    Favorite genre to read:
    Historical Fiction--Julius
    Don't like to read-- Hendrix

    DS5, first name:
    What is the background on your computer/phone/tablet?
    Solid color-- Howard
    Geometric patterns-- Henry
    Animals-- Terrence
    Landscape/seascape-- Peter
    Artwork-- Vincent
    Famous people-- Lewis
    Company or product logo--William

    DS5, middle name:
    Which of these would you least want to meet in a dark alley?
    Crocodile-- Lyle
    Rhinoceros-- Grey
    Anaconda-- Lane
    Swarm of killer bees-- Flynn
    Webs of poisonous spiders-- Brandt
    Shark-- Frost
    Zombie-- Kade

    Name your children:

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    Sorry everyone, I noticed there was a typo for one of the boys names, but nameberry won't let me edit the post to correct it. If you get the result saying the name is Cristpin, the name is actually supposed to be Crispin.

    Abigail Jade
    Benjamin Chase
    Dean Finnegan
    Shannon Elizabeth
    Calvin Armando
    Gemma Josephine
    Lacy Magdalena
    Agatha Kate
    Jason Lionel
    William Brock
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