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    Henley is a great name! I wish I had thought of that first! We are still considering Brewer since my husband is a home-brewer and all around beer nerd, though only as a middle name.

    Not a fan of Burly Lyon or Burly Bear because it's an adjective followed by a noun. You could definitely come across a children's book written about a burly lion roaming the Sahara. Burlington is kinda cool, but it's long and might be cumbersome. Potential middle name option???

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    Linux Lyon would be my first choice.

    I don't like Burly or Burlington as a fn. Some may call it feminine but I prefer the proper spelling, Burleigh. Same sound but the spelling gives a preppy feel. Since it is a real name and not a word, it will carry him to adulthood. I'd go with Burleigh Linux Lyon

    There's also Burl (like Burl Ives, the actor/singer)

    Linux Burl
    Linux Delaney Burl
    Henley Burl

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    I like Henley Lyon the best. If Brewer is on the list I like that too. I don't think Bear works as a middle name. It just sounds funny. These names aren't weird compared to others on this site.
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    I quite like Seamus, Huck and Henley (although it makes me think of a type of shirt). Have you thought about Huxley? It has a similar sound to Henley and it has the built in nn Huck.

    I love that you call him Brother Bear and I think it would be really nice to include bear in the name. Huxley Bear or Seamus Bear would be my first choices. Lyon is really cool too.
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    Burly or Burlington (nn Burly) - I find it to be a bit pretentious. Plus where I live Burly is used to describe a big, beefy man with a lot of muscle - not a great nickname for a little guy to have.
    Henley - I find this pretentious too because I associate it with the Henley Regatta - famous posh boating event in London.
    Linux - Too close to Liam
    Brewer - I actually quite like this, it fits with the surname trend but isn't too pretentious sounding and the Bru- sound is already quite familiar (Bruce, Bruno etc) so it strikes me as being able to blend in while being different at the same time.

    Middle Names

    Delaney (family name dad's) - I like this, Brewer Delaney is very handsome.
    Lyon (family name mom's) - I like this but it's very close to Liam, how often do you call your children by their first and middle?
    Bear - Wouldn't use this with Burlington or Brewer, Burlington Bear sounds like a children's character and Brewer Bear is just too close in sound.

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