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    And just so everyone knows I don't think of Burly as a negative adjective...I find my husband and so many of our guy friends to be burly and I love it. I think of it as a strong man who really doesn't care what others think...usually has facial!
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    I rather like Henley Lyon - a lot.
    I'd stay away from Linux because you already have a Liam. When I say them together I tend to trip over the L in the second.
    Maybe even Henley Bear? (Though please not Burlington Bear!)

    Have you considered Bear as a fn? Bear Lyon or Bear Linus would be cool. (Linus could still honor that Linux connection just with a softer more familiar name-name. Could be a really cool mn to a more outlandish fn. I wouldn't do Linus as a fn for the same reasons I wouldn't do Linux - see above).

    I actually know two Delaney's and both are girls - it feels odd on a boy to me even as a mn.
    I'd probably save that should you have a 5th kid and just use it as a fn.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I wouldn't pick Burly because I don't like the way it sounds and its to adjective for me. Burlington sounds sooo incredibly fussy in comparison to the other names you choose for Little Bear and his older siblings it just doesn't feel right.
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    I LOVE Henley! It's my best-friend's surname and my half-sister's surname (no, they aren't related-just a coincidence) so I could never use them, but I love that name! I have been crushing on Lennox lately and Linux is similar so I say go for it! Burly is great too! I don't think your name choices are weird at all! Totally rad and just my style!!
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    I love Henley or Linux for you. I think they are both cool names that fit well with your other children.

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    Linux & Liam are too close for me. I would pick Henley!!! Such a cool name & it fits very well with your other kids.

    PS I love your kids names especially Maeby :-)
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