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    Thoughts on Flynn?

    It's become my favorite boys name and I'd liked to use it on my future first son. I've heard a lot of different reactions too it; some people like it, and others say it's too childish for a man. What do you think?

    I'm also trying to think of middle names, and I'm currently liking Flynn James. My only dispute is that it's a two syllable name altogether, which is kinda odd sounding. What other mn's would you suggest?
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    It's not my favourite boys name for sure. I'm thinking it's the spelling that is unappealing to me. The sound is nice, but I just couldn't get over the -ynn ending.
    Just have to comment on your other boy names in your signature though, because I LOVE them! Atlas and Ezra are two of my favourites!
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    I don't particularly like James as a middle name at all, honestly - it's the boy equivalent of Rose/Grace that sounds good with a lot of names and is incredibly overused. Then add in the 1-1 rhythm and it's just not a combo I would use.

    I would like Flynn better if it didn't make me immediately think of Errol Flynn, who was attractive but not very admirable at all. I do like Finn, though, so I suspect I would like Flynn if not for ol' Errol. I don't think Flynn is childish. I just don't like it as much as Finn/Finnian/Finnegan etc. I probably do like it more than Finlay though.

    2+ syllable middles are what I would pair with Flynn.
    Flynn Miles - this was the closest to James I could come up with that flows a bit better to my ear.
    Flynn Lucas
    Flynn Dominic/Patrick/Cormac
    Flynn Raphael/Gabriel/Cassiel/Kemuel
    Flynn Alexander/Alastair/Evander/Lysander
    Flynn Augustus/Zacharias/Tobias
    Flynn Malachy/Zachary/Gregory

    I do find it easier to use 1-syllable names as middles but that's probably just some weird mental block I have. I have a lot more combos of "[something] Finn" than "Finn [something]"

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    Flynn is great!
    I do like Flynn James, but you may be right and a longer name would be better...
    What about Flynn Jacob?
    Flynn Jameson?
    Flynn Alexander?
    Flynn Ryder? (I know...Disney's Tangled...kind of kidding on this one! lol)
    Flynn Thorin
    Flynn Ajax
    Flynn Matthew
    Flynn Zedekiah
    Flynn Hendrix
    Flynn Thayer
    Flynn Harrison
    Or perhaps you could do a two middle name thing, if you really love James...?
    Flynn James Robert?
    Flynn Archer James?
    Flynn James Daniel?
    Flynn Lucas James?
    Flynn Xavier James?

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    Flynn is a great name. Love it!
    Flynn Alexander is very handsome.

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