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Thread: Another boy!

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    Jul 2013

    Another boy!

    Charles Florian joined us a few days early on August 1st! We're calling him Chaz and big brothers Frankie, Huck and Flip (Francis, Henry and Philip) are all very excited to have yet another brother, as are we to have another little guy!

    After a long struggle with boys names, we ultimately brought two names to the hospital with us, Charles "Chaz" and Timothy "Otter" and decided when he was born. If he had been a girl, we would have gone with Sylvie Maeve. Thank you to all the berries who helped us name him!
    Francis Grover
    Henry Linus
    Philip Judah
    Charles Florian 8/1/13

    [Frankie, Huck, Flip & Chaz]

    Other favorites...
    Sylvia Maeve (Sylvie), Louisa, Elisa
    George, Timothy (Otter), Winston, August (Gus)

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    Charles Florian is an excellent name! I love Francis, Henry, Philip, and Charles as brothers, and the nicknames are just adorable. Congratulations!
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    I remember reading some of your posts. Congrats. Charles fits right in with Francis, Henry and Philip and so does his nickname. Good luck!

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    Congrats to you and your family on the birth of your fourth son, Charles Florian. I love the combo and his name goes so well with his older brothers.
    All the best,

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    Congratulations! What a fitting name to go along with his siblings!

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