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Thread: Orla

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    I'd like to hear some opinions on the name Orla.

    I'm due in less than 2 weeks and thought we had decided on Marguerite... but I'm getting cold feet. I'm worried Marguerite is a bit long and fussy and will always be shortened.

    My husband is Irish and we have an Irish surname which really compliments Orla.

    What do you think of Orla Marguerite?


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    I like Orla with a brogue. My only concern for the name is that anyone who is dyslexic (or childish) will read it as "Oral"

    I think Marguerite is lovely long, short, or any which way.

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    It sounds really good to me.

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    Orla is so lovely. Orla Marguerite is a great combo. And I love the young singer Orla Gartland as well
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    Love Marguerite, but Orla is strange to me. The 'Or' part suggests an option...I guess it just confuses me, but if I knew people with the name, I might like it.

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