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    How would you pronounce this and is it too complicated?


    Before you scroll down and read the options for how it is pronounced, first please say it out loud and decipher your own way of pronouncing it.
    This is a Hindu girl's name and is not verycommon in India.

    Did you pronounce it:
    1. rama-YANee (rohmuh-YOH-nee) if these are two separate words, rama and yani smooshed together?

    2. ra-MAYA-nee, (ruh-my-uh-nee) which rhymes and has the same accent on syllables as the Greek name Hermione?

    I ask because I discovered that Indian pronounce it a bit more like option 1, which I really dislike.
    And finally, how difficult of a name do you think this would be to have in the USA?

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    I pronounced it like Rahm-ay-on-ee so option 1? I think it'll definitely cause some confusion in pronunciation/spelling in the states and I wouldn't use it if that will bother you. Your second, correct pronunciation, however, is quite beautiful and I think if the name has special meaning for you you should go for it.

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    I would pronounce it like the first one... Rama and yani smooshed together. Just like the way Ramayana (the great Hindu epic) is pronounced, but ending with -ni instead of -na.

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    I pronounced it a third way: RA-my-AN-ee, but I like the way that sounds close to Hermione.

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    I pronounced it like rah-may-ah-nee >.> -- My Amazon Author Page

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