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    Less common virtue names

    I'm loving Prosper and Makepeace in the middle slot for boys and Clemency/Clementine I'm loving on girls for a first (would it be weird to have one kid with Clementine as a first and another with Clemency as a middle?). I'm kind of digging Solace as a mn for either gender.

    What are other virtue names that you don't hear very often? I'm not a big fan of things like Faith/Grace/Hope/Charity/Chastity on girls just because they seem sort of blah to me for some reason I can't quite put my finger on. I also don't quite like Temperance/Patience/Prudence/Constance because the ance/ence sound grates on my ears.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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