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Thread: Think: Colorado

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    Think: Colorado

    Trying to get a Colorado-vibe for baby boy #3. We love snowboarding, hiking, etc. Different but not weird or unpronounceable.

    Rocky (Rocky Mountains) He loves this name.
    Ranger (mountain range) He likes this also.
    Copper (the resort- in keeping with Aspen and Brecken and CO~ didn't realize the reference it gives some to police officers until nameberries pointed it out and that is NOT what I was going for, but I still think it could be pretty badass)
    Vail (Our FAVORITE resort, but he thinks it's a girl's name, wish I could find a longer version so it could be a nickname.)
    Carver (like carving when you are boarding, but I think it's too much like the all-too-common 'Carter')
    Ryder (Ride snowboard brand and general snowboarding term- but he hears 'Ride her' and I think it may be too common.)

    Thanks for any input, especially Americans since other countries might not get the vibe I'm going for. I'm due in 8 weeks so I feel like I need to get this name thing figured out!!!
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    Denver? Or is that too much?

    I've only been to Colorado once, and that was almost ten years ago. The only names that give me a Colorado vibe are the names of Colorado cities...

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    Well after reading the title I was going to suggest Oakley so... I'll keep trying! Not sure how helpful I'll be with my limited Florida-girl knowledge but I've been on the slopes a few times, haha. Your children's names are fantastic by the way. This is challenging, but quite fun. Here goes:

    Arbor* (like the brand; Also very tree-related so it goes well with Aspen & Oak)
    Alpine (a CO town; also a description of the snowy climate. NN Pine would be cute)
    Boulder (the town; Not sure if this would be too literal for a word-name though?)
    Burton* (the nn Burt is a wearable name in and of itself. Or there's also Brighton as well.)
    Cedar (Cedarege; Cedar trees. Might be a bit of a stretch but I like it's sound)
    Denver (very obvious choice, but the John Denver vibe makes it kinda cool imo)
    Hurley* (Love this one, makes me think of the character from LOST as well as the brand)
    Oliver (or really any name that will give you the nn Ollie could be very cute)
    Ozark (Mountains; Though this name is probably too close to Oakley for you)
    Pike (Pike's Peak; Also the coldwater "jackfish" so that's another nature tie-in)
    Shaun (White, I couldn't resist. It'd go over better than Terje though, haha.)
    Teton (As in Grand or National Park. Not sure if it's enough of a name but it came to mind)
    Valen nn Vail? (Hmm, I just looked at the description on the Vail name page...)

    I'm also thinking along the lines of Cole or Kier or another name that means "black" as in diamond... Good luck! =]
    Dominic James~ {7}

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    I like some of the names on your list. I get the vibe you're looking for. Shame that Maverick isn't in Colorado. I kind of like Copper and thought of the metal, not the police. I also like Ranger and Rocky.

    Oakley, Aspen, Brecken and

    Wolf - ski resort in Co. I think
    Fischer - for the skis
    Palmer or Osprey - You have Oakley, how about a competitor. Palmer sounds good with the other names, Osprey have the cool nn Oz.
    Valiant - nn Vail?

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    I like Rocky and Carver the best from your list and I think they go with your other kids' names.

    Here are some more Colorado vibe suggestions:


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