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Thread: A new find

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    I love cowboy names and this has a cowboy flair!

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    I find it attractive and very wearable. Doubly so, since it has family significance to you.

    My only hesitation is that, to me, it's a beyond masculine name....a real macho-man name. I don't know if you have other children or plan to have others, but if so, I'd consider the possible names for a brother to have.

    For example,

    Flint and Christopher, Flint and Henry, Flint and Jacob
    Flint and Noah, Flint and Liam
    Flint and Sebastian, Flint and Alcott, Flint and Reed......

    don't work for me. If it were me, I'd be looking at sibsets like

    Flint and Zane
    Flint and Boone
    Flint and Cash

    All of which are very cool. I'm just saying that I'd be certain that Flint fits into a naming style category you are comfortable with overall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamabear87 View Post
    I love it and had it narrowed down to our top 5 for this baby, but DH kept saying "FLINT LOCKWOOD!" in his Mr.T voice from the movie Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (which we like), and I just saw him doing that forever with our kid and had to cross it off. lol. But if your husband isn't doing that, than go for it!
    For sure! "Flint Lockwooood" !!!!!!

    I think if you're not hearing Mr. T in your head each time you say or read "Flint" then it is totally useable.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    It's too bad you can't use Flynn--I like that worlds above Flint, unfortunately. I think of the Flintstones, and all around not very lovely associations. It feels sort of dated, via Clint. I wasn't going to reply, but I just today realized that I've been reading a novel with a Flint in it, and I found that an odd recurrence! I am only on the third chapter, but have been working on the book for a while (would have been through it if my sister hadn't insisted on stealing it while on holiday!), and only just got back to it today. He doesn't strike me as a bad character, but he's not one of those characters that makes you love the name, either. So far, at least. I've read the novel before, but I wanted to read it again... and I remember the baddy being not who I thought it was, so there's a chance it is Flint. It has a sort of sinister feel to it, for me, at least. I do like that it has family significance, though, and I do like how it sounds so similar to my beloved Flynn.

    If you like it, I think it's pretty cool, though. Isn't Vita's name a family name, too? I think Vitalia, Laurel, and Flint are pretty awesome together, and I like the nature connection between Laurel and Flint.
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    Hmm, I like it. It's a new and interesting rendition on the Finn/Flynn syndrome, plus bonus points for family significant.

    Though I will say, that I think of the word "flinty," which is an adjective that means hard, cold or distant, for example, "he had a flinty look in his eyes." So I might not want that association.
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