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    Latin, Greek, Hebrew word name ideas?

    Any ideas for unusual word names with nice meanings? Something along the lines of Charis, Verity, Amity, or Adira? Focusing on female names. Thanks!

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    Lux (light)
    Pax (peace)
    Felix (happy)
    Beata (blessed)
    Chrysostom (golden toungue)
    Talitha (little girl)
    Vera (truth in latin, faith in slavonic)
    Renata (rebirth)
    Fidelia (faithful)
    Lubov (slavonic love)
    Veronika (true image of God)
    Sancta (holy)
    Seraphine (angelic)
    Olya (Slavonic: holy)
    Pia (pious)
    Dulce (sweet)
    Amanda (she must be loved)

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    Galilee - Hebrew word meaning "circle," in Latin references the entrance to a church or holy place. A beautiful region of Israel as well as a body of water.
    Maven - Hebrew from "mebhen", meaning "one who is experienced" or "one who understands."
    Sabra - Hebrew "prickly pear", as in the flower
    Seraph, Seraphine, Seraphina, Seraphima - Hebrew, "holy being", "celestial being"
    Shalom - Hebrew, "peace"
    Adi - Hebrew, "jewel," "ornament"
    Chaya - Hebrew, "life"
    Ahava - Hebrew, "love"
    Tova, Tovia - Hebrew, "good"
    Aviv, Aviva - Hebrew, "spring"
    Hadar, Hadara - Hebrew, "glory"
    Lior, Liora - Hebrew, "light"
    Ness, Nessa - Hebrew, "miracle"
    Simcha - Hebrew, "happiness, joy"
    Tikva - Hebrew, "hope"
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    Soukia - calm, tranquility

    Makaria - Blessed

    Dikaia - just

    Alethea - true

    Dora - gift

    Yolanthe - violet
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    Thank you all for your suggestions! Aviva could be a real possibility. Also like Makaria, Chaya, Ahava, Pia, and Beata quite a bit. Vera was already vetoed.

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