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    I don't mind these boys names.

    Haydn - musician
    Journey - interesting for a boy
    Riley - nice to see it on a boy
    Kerrigan - like Nancy the skater

    I like these girls names:

    Morgan -- mom is Quinteria

    I like these ones with middles!


    Benjamin Tyler
    Lucas Ray
    Anthony Verdal
    Amura Easton - Amura is unusual for a boy
    Harlan James
    Tristan Isaak
    Ethan Scott
    Henry James
    Brennan Patrick
    Cooper John
    Easton James
    Ty Robert
    Clifford Jones
    Caleb Alexander
    Sterling Michael
    Dominick Thomas Warren
    John Norman-Glenn - I shouldn't like this combo (three names ending in "n" and the hyphened mn) but for some reason I do!
    Rocco Lennon
    Jude Torger Robert

    Iris Linae
    Elizabeth Leilani*
    Arwen Brielle Halol
    Amelia Mathilde
    Hadley Elma Jean
    Lyria Eve
    Gwenyth Hope*
    Annabella Marie
    Emily Alice
    Ivy Jael - I'm seeing a prison covered in vines. I know I'm awful!
    Maren Millie - I would never think to use these two in a combo
    Elise Amira Vivian Reina - a bit longish but interesting
    Emily Danielle - boring combo but I included on my list because it's spelled correctly! Bonus points to the parents! Yeah!

    I like these mom and dad names

    Rosaura (g)
    Athena Jane (g)
    Tymerie (g) - an interesting name
    Whisper (g) -- best as a quirky mn
    Inger (g)

    And one says "born to Simon and Adam" - I think it may be two men!

    Naming a son "Boy" is a combination of bad taste and laziness. I'm hoping Hunter Chase won't become a stalking serial killer when he grows up! Bristol Blaise sounds like the baby is already on fire! Xrandra isn't really a "name" so I suspect the parents would pronounce it anyway they want to. There are loads of misspellings that make my eyes water so I think I'll stop there!
    All the best,

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    I love reading these.

    Jackson Mason - Really?
    La Rae Faye Jean - ?????
    Evae Pyangai - The poor child!
    Traxton Walker - Tracks Tin would be better
    Kayilah - Sounds like you're throwing up
    Alayiah - The 'h' at the end makes me sick
    Madyx Dustin - Is that Maddox in disguise?
    Chaska Eagleboy - I think he's going to grow up and have his own Wildman show.
    Kayelie Alexus - Kylie and a Lexus is what I see.
    Creeanna - Interesting...
    Nahtoosahpe - sigh
    Cedayette - I'm scared to admit this is kind of awesome!

    That was fun!!!
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