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    Name my baby name list:

    I need help coming up with a title for my baby name list. I dont' like what I called it when I first wrote it, I added a couple names to it, and I just want to call it something different.

    So here are the names:

    Winston Bryce
    Gregory Cole
    Arthur Shawn
    Samuel Charles
    Marcus Elliot
    Simon Kyle

    Reagan Blair
    Nerys Claire
    Imogen Eve
    Briar Lynn
    Estelle Luz
    Audrey Grace

    So what would you call it? What category do these names fit? I feel they go very well together. I just want a good title for this list, kind of like a theme that I'm going for with names as far as you can see.

    I think I could call it Classy and Vintage but I want to see what other berries think about this list.

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    Maybe vintage and modern. I am bad at this lol, I give my lists the very creative title baby name list lol. I think they do fit what I described earlier because quite a few have that vintage feel yet I couldsee on a modern baby (whereas some other vintage baby names not so much) and the only name I find that is more modern is Reagan Blair
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    I'm going to name them on the first names only.

    The boys list could be named "Classic and Vintage".

    The girls list has a mixture of styles. "Surname As First Name" (Reagan), Nature (Briar), Welsh (Nerys), Shakespearean (Imogen) and Vintage (Audrey and Estelle). Personally I would separate the girls llst and find other names for the various categories. As your list is now, it could be called "Eclectic".
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    I would call your list Eclectically Vintage

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    I think Mayapapaya comment is an awesome title: Electically Vintage, I probably will add modern, because I can see where that impression comes from too, mostly with the middle names are a bit more modern.


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