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    I LOVE the name Tatiana. It is really gorgeous and under-appreciated.

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    I like Tatiana or Johanna best out of your options, although I like Tatiana Brielle more than Tatiana Bree. I think something like Anne Gabrielle would be beautiful, as well, or even Anna Gabriella/Anna Gabrielle, or even a double-barrel Anna/Anne name, like Anne-Sophie Brielle/Gabrielle, Anne-Claire Gabrielle, Anna-Sophia Gabrielle/Brielle, Anna-Lucia Gabrielle, Anna Clara Gabrielle? Just a couple ideas, in case you're looking.

    But I do really like Tatiana and Johanna, they're both lovely. I haven't liked Tatiana up until lately, but I've recently met some ADORABLE girls named Tatiana, so I'm warming to it.

    Good luck!
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    I don't like Brielle, I'd either use Bree or Gabrielle. So out of your options, I prefer Tatiana Bree.

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    I like Johanna Brielle best. Annaliese and Tatiana are names I like but don't love.

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    Anneliese Brielle is the best in my opinion.

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