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    Overwhelmed, over thinking???

    Archer(try hard?)
    Leon (will he be able to pull it off, is it too soft?)
    Rayner (hate Ray as nn, friends will grab hold of more so)
    I seem to find a reason to dislike them all. Nothing is special enough, balanced enough between strong and soft, unique enough.
    I want to use Refeld as a 3rd middle name as it is a family name and is far overdue to be honored.

    I have never had a boy before, 3 daughters, my dilemma is also this, please see if you can pick it up like a poke in the eye..... Daughters names are
    1: Tyla Kennedy
    2: Mieke Travys. (pron Meeka Travis)
    3: Charli Maddox
    I need a name that can never ever in a million years be turned or mistaken for a unisex or girls name!! I would be devasted if he was mistaken for another girl. I love unisex girls names, they give power to a girl that they are as capable as a man and probably stems from my tomboy childhood where in the country I had to prove to be twice as good to be respected by the male peers. Lol

    Would very much love anyone's ideas.
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    I think Archer would be the best. Its clearly masculine.
    Leon is masculine as well, but reminds me a bit of Leah. And Rayner..If I just heard the name I wouldn't be sure of the gender. It's so close to Rain/Raine which is quite common here
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    Archer all the way!
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    I like Leon! I think the best way to avoid any unisex or soft sounding names is to go with a good solid traditional name. How about:


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    I totally agree with you all, and thank you all for the clarity if anything.

    Charli and baby 4 are from a second marriage and surname is 'Love'

    Archer is fine, but Leon? My DH loves Linc but Linc Love? Sounds like something out of Marvel Comics.....oh an Luka, love this name but not right either is it?

    I'm not really into really common names as they just don't excite me if I've come across a dozen.
    I haven't come across a Leon since I was 8years old. So I am really looking for suggestions that are not way out celebrity try hard but effortlessly unique where people think "of course! Why isn't that name more popular"
    I like Benji, but DH thinks of that dog and has a Ben at work that is far from his favourite person, and is it just me who looks at my DH to see if he would suit the name, I look at the fact we are both short and would some names be too greater burden to live up to, or to weak for him to gain immediate respect, will a name contribute to giving him short man syndrome?

    You see how high maintenance I am! Aaarrrrh Its just so competitive out there for boys and first impressions.
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