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    Oh I like it! Not my personal naming style, but I think I'd smile if I met a Copper. My first imagery was a mid-19th century frontiersman, followed closely by a steampunky turn-of-the-20th-century inventor.

    As scarletsway pointed out, your other kids have classic middles so it makes sense to embrace that trend. I particularly like Copper William (though it depends on surname, of course) though since you used Charlie already then perhaps Copper Liam.

    The more I pair it with middles, the more it feels like an old-timey nickname. Ol' Copper William... like Silver Harry or Blacktar Jack. As though the middle were the real name.
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    My first thought was The Fox and The Hound. I have liked your other choices better.

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    Another Fox and the Hound for me. It is a pretty strong association for me, but the Disney of it doesn't bother you, then I say Copper Vernon or Copper Virgil.

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