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    Copper as a boy's first name?

    And no, I didn't mean to put Cooper. Haha. Copper, as in the metal, color, and resort. Any middle name suggestions?
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    Well in this case it almost makes sense since all your children seem to have names dealing with earth or nature. Then a classic middle. So I would stick with that theme...suggestions...

    Copper William
    Copper Edwin
    Copper Alexander
    Copper Leo
    Copper Henry
    Copper Timothy
    Copper Felix
    Copper Nathaniel
    Copper Samuel
    Copper Boaz
    Copper Jonah
    Copper Eli
    Copper Isaac
    Copper Benjamin
    Copper Julian
    Copper James
    Copper Victor
    Copper Jack
    Copper George
    Copper Vincent
    Copper Martin
    Copper Nicholas
    Copper Louis
    Copper Thomas
    Copper Edmond
    Copper Davis
    Copper Davey

    Not sure if any of these work.
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    I did read it as Cooper first, honestly. And then went, "Oh... Copper...?"
    I first thought of the dog from The Fox and the Hound, and then how people call police officers "coppers".
    It's really not a name I'm attracted to, sorry.

    Copper Felix
    Copper Levi
    Copper Quinn
    Copper Dashiell
    Copper Tristan
    Copper Silas
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    I love it, but he's probably going to get Cooper a lot. Also, I agree with 1st response that it's in keeping with sibs names.

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    I like Copper with your childrens' names. I, personally am not a fan of the name, I prefer Cooper.

    Copper Lucas
    Copper Isaiah
    Copper Elias
    Copper Daniel
    Copper Stellan
    Copper Ellis
    Copper Nathaniel
    Copper Stanley
    Copper Vincent
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