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    Just do yourself a favor and check with your insurance BEFORE you have that MaterniT21 test done, or you could end up with a surprise bill in the thousands. Unless you have that kind of cash laying around, then I guess go for it!

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    The MaterniT21 test was NOT covered by insurance for us. They attempted to submit it, it was rejected, and they discounted it for us and we got a bill for about $275.
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    On materniT: Some insurances will cover it if you're over 35 or high risk or any of your other scans come back off (so you hope you don't need it for that reason!)

    My insurance covered most of it, but there was also a $235 cap in place at that point... so def do your $$ homework, but I'm a huge fan of the test.
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    With both our girls we found out at my 20 week U/S. This baby however did not cooperate so we weren't able to find out the gender. Instead we will be having a surprise in November, which I am both excited and annoyed about. I really hate surprises, haha.
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    I had a cvs test with my second and knew her gender before 12 weeks. I'm in the UK and you would only be offered this test if there is a reason for it plus there is a miscarriage risk. Generally most people have to wait till 20 weeks although some hospitals refuse to tell you. With my son I only had a 12 week scan so his gender was a surprise.
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