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    Quote Originally Posted by aquariustide View Post
    I need a name that can never ever in a million years be turned or mistaken for a unisex or girls name!! I would be devasted if he was mistaken for another girl. I love unisex girls names, they give power to a girl that they are as capable as a man and probably stems from my tomboy childhood where in the country I had to prove to be twice as good to be respected by the male peers. Lol
    I tried so hard to overlook this, but I just couldn't. This attitude is very disturbing. I do hope you realize what you just said here is that you view masculinity as empowering and femininity as degrading. You gave your daughters androgynous or otherwise exclusively male names because you wanted to "give them power" and assure them that they are "just as capable as a man." However, you would "never ever in a million years" give your son a name that could possibly be perceived as feminine because...? You think that would be degrading for your son, am I right? You even go so far as to say that you would be "devastated" if he was mistaken for a girl. However, you have no issue with your daughters being mistaken for boys.

    Please help me to understand, because I don't want to believe that you, a woman, would be so misogynistic in your thought process.
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    Out of your list, I like Archer the best. And I absolutely *love* the middle name that you've chosen to honor a family member!

    Considering the last name, these are a few names that came to mind for me as potentials:


    Obviously this isn't an exhaustive list, but I figured I would give you a few suggestions, since you seemed to be having a tough time finding one that you truly love <3

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    I think you need to relax southern maple, now you're over thinking. All my daughters have unisex names because they strike me as pretty strong girls names.
    Very offended by you, you do not know a thing about me.
    It was meant to be a light off hand humourous thought to a possible subconscious thinking, not a deliberate thought out attempt. But this is where society is going now isn't it, a few always trying to find something out of nothing. You should have just walked away.

    Wow just joined and never expected this hostility

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    Oh my goodness, I am so upset by southern maple. I have never connected myself to any social media sites before. I hear on the news about these people, I have been reading these forums for months and months and never expected with such warmth and support I have only ever read to be pounced on by such an innocent, thinking out loud laughing at myself comment. I don't think I'm cut out for this.
    Thank you southern maple they say hurt people, hurt people. I hope things turn around for you, you're in my prayers.

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