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    WOW, so many great names and feedback.
    Thank you so much. I had not thought of the "Daisy Miller" reference, so thank you for pointing that out!
    The spelling "Byrdie" was how my grandmother (who I used to live with) spelled her name, she was Byrdie Mae - but I agree, it's more nn-like and I think I'd forever be justifying its existence. I live in Australia, but grew up in Canada, so nobody would know this connection to the name.

    Marlowe's alliteration would likely drive me crazy, so it is stricken off the list - even though I do really like it.
    @ mkmlvr - the "Lex" nn is fantastic and I had not thought of it, great name. Also Eloise has been a favourite of DH's so it's now on the list
    I'm truly grateful for your help as I was getting frustrated and I now feel that we have a "list" that we can take with us and then decide in the days while we are getting to "know" baby. I think I just needed some "validation" from a panel of peers.
    I do wish I was brave enough to use some of the really beautiful names that I love (ie. Emrys & August for a boy and Arietty & Seraphina for a girl) but I think we're settled on the following now, thanks to your help!
    Girls: Hadley
    Daisy (but might be mn)
    Coralie, Hollis and Mable I've added to the mix from your suggestions
    Boys: Alexander - "Lex"
    Nicolas - "Nico"
    Gilbert - "Gil"
    Eeeeeeek, not long to go now.

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    i really like Hadley & Daisy! Hadley Mae (after your grandmother) would be adooorable. the boys aren't necessarily my style but i do like Alexander NN Lex! i like the NN Ander too. so many possibilities. good luck
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