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    Everyone has different ideas of what you need/don't need. One resource that you may find helpful is Lucie's List. You can google and it will be the first option. I tried to comment before and provide a link, but the comment never went through. Anyhow, it is just some lady who went through and found the most highly reviewed of each baby item. She explains what everything is for and does a very thorough job of talking through what you might need or might not need depending on your lifestyle. It is free, and you do not have to subscribe or anything- you can just click through and read the website.

    There is a ton of baby stuff out there. And the marketing can be very aggressive. I am kind of a baby minimalist and felt very overwhelmed by all of it. So just remember- you are enough for your baby. The baby stuff can be nice to have and helpful and it is great that your loving friends and family want you to fill up registries. But do not worry about it, don't let it be a source of stress.

    My best advice on registering is do not register for clothes, toys, or books. People will give you those things anyhow, but they like to pick them out themselves. Also, don't register for a huge amount of one kind of disposable diapers (if you are using disposables). Different babies are sensitive to different brands, so you don't want to have a closet full of Pampers and find out that your baby needs Huggies.

    These are the things I found most helpful with a new baby:

    Bouncy seat (this plus a clear plastic shower curtain meant that I never missed a shower!)
    Travel mug (works like an adult sippie cup so that you can hold the baby and not spill on his precious little head)
    Moby wrap (for the first six months or so)
    Ergo (six months to present- two years)
    Miracle blanket (like a baby straitjacket, awesome for swaddling)
    Stroller (I only got one after he was six months, just wore him before then, but it would have been nice from the beginning)
    Travel diaper changing mat/kit thing (I never had a diaper bag, I would just stick this thing in my bag and go)
    Wubanub pacifier (much easier to find in the middle of the night)
    Prefolds and diaper covers
    Cloth wipes and spray bottle
    Thermometer (unfortunately, none of the easy to use ones are very accurate- you really have to do rectal thermometer w. babies)
    Baby soap- specifically the no more tears kind, unscented
    Coconut oil
    Bottles- it really doesn't matter what kind you use. I have been assured of this by an infant feeding specialist. Use a type that it easy for you and stick to just one type so that the baby doesn't have to relearn how to suck on each different bottle.
    Grass mat bottle drying rack- we still use this for little things! It is awesome!

    I did not need:
    Baby bathtub- we used the sink and then the regular bathtub
    Baby washcloths or towels- regular ones are just fine
    Bottle sterilizer- dishwasher is fine for bottles
    Bottle warmer- room temperature milk is also fine
    Snap n'go
    Bassinet- straight to the crib was fine
    Crib bumpers
    Wipe warmer
    Baby sized nail clippers- regular ones were fine
    Special baby laundry detergent- any free and clear kind is fine

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    I strongly recommend the book baby bargains. It gives reviews on all the big purchase like car seats, cribs and high chairs. It really helped me figure out the best values.
    For bottles I recommend registering for a few types. Both my kids have taken different bottles so it's not a one size fits all type thing and it's good to have some options when you're trying to get a baby to take one.
    I LOVE the Velcro swaddlers. They saved me since both my kids had to be swaddled to sleep and in the middle of the night I'm horrible at swaddling.
    I didn't register for any clothes. People will buy them anyways and then those who are sticking to your registry will get you other things. Perhaps the one exception is practical clothing like white onesies. Since most people got me cute outfits. And if people don't buy you enough clothes baby clothes can be purchased dirt cheap used.
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    All great advice! I do want to second the coconut oil, we used this as a lotion/moisturizer with my son and it really is great. It smells wonderful and doesn't have any funky ingredients. (I also use as a moisturizer for myself, and have a separate jar in the kitchen to use for cooking, lol!)
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    I should add, if you are registering for disposable diapers- the Pampers sensitive with Aloe were great diapers when Azula was really little. And when you are a first-time mom that little wetness indicator is pretty helpful.
    Now she is a year, and a when she pees she REALLY pees, so we put her in Pampers Baby Dry (the overnight ones) and they are excellent.
    We always use the "sensitive with aloe" wipes too (and no, I don't work for Pampers!).

    We tried cloth diapers 'til she was about 15 lbs (we only used them when we were hanging out at home & would use disposables when we were out and about), we used a Hybrid type with a prefold under a waterproof shell. The brand was called "Bummies". The shells were great but we started to notice some suspicious black spots (mold?) on the prefolds so we stopped using them. I have a friend that used the same brand on her daughter and never had a problem with them.
    She is 17 lbs now and we do still put her in just a diaper shell as a swim diaper when we go to the pool or the lake or she plays in the kiddie pool or whatever.
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    The moby style wrap is great, especially for longer periods of wearing, but I just got a sling style carrier and I can't imagine not having it. It's a lot easier to pop a fussy baby into than a wrap.
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