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    A lot of it is personal taste/comfort preferences and trial and error. Personally, I would not register for too many bottles. If you plan to nurse, you won't need many and if you plan to use formula or a combo then you don't know what your baby will drink from well for you. Pick a brand your comfortable with and just get a small starter set. You can add gift cards to a registry which are really really nice to have down the line!!

    I love my boppy! I used it with both my girls all the time. With this baby, I plan to buy an extra so I have one upstairs and one downstairs.

    I never used a wipe warmer and I just sold my bottle warmer in a garage sale even though we are expecting again. I prefer to warm bottles on the stove. The whole water/electricity/ tiered in the middle of the night combo just didnt sit well with me.

    I like the diaper genie enough to continue using it with baby #3 but its not a necessity.

    Of course you want to put some bigger things like stroller, car seat, bouncy seat, high chair or booster on there since people like to chip in on those things. If your overwhelmed just pick a design/theme you like and do the whole set in that theme.

    I like a lot of receiving blankets and burp clothes and swaddlers. Again, not a necessity but a preference.

    I would add a cool mist humidifier. They really come on handy all through childhood.

    A baby carrier is really nice to have to wear your baby! I'm getting an ergo this time but had a chicco that worked fine too.

    A pad for the changing table, a baby bathtub and washcloths, the specific baby wash you plan to use, a good thermometer (one that takes a rectal temp for infants is a must!!) are all things that might get overlooked.

    Just remember, above all your baby needs love, not stuff!! So having the basics is all you need but hey if your having a shower and people want to buy the stuff then I hope this list helps a bit!! And don't forget to add gift cards ;-)

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    OHH the nightlights are a great suggestion! Also, if you plan to nurse you could register for a few boxes of those ready made formula-filled bottles that the hospital gives to you. That way you don't have to worry about picking out a bottle brand if you will barely use them anyway.

    Also consider how large and solid your home is before investing in a monitor. I can hear a screaming baby from any room of my little house!

    If you have storage and haven't loaded the registry up maybe consider the larger size car seat & a high chair

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    It's so overwhelming, isn't it?! The largest part of the problem is that BRU & Target suggest at least twice the amount of stuff you need. I know that that stuff would've never fit in my house! My suggestion is really to only register for things that you are *POSITIVE* you want/need. Once your registry is completely taken care of, people will most likely get you gift cards, and you might actually consider having the host encourage it. It may sound rude to ask for gift cards, but it's really not. For instance, we went through at least 4 different kinds of bottles before finding one that worked for us, which means that the complete set of Tommee Tippee bottles and extra nipples and all of that were a complete waste of money for some nice person at my shower. There will be tons of things that you'll need to try a different brand or type, or you'll need extra, or whatever.

    Here is my list of must haves for my upcoming baby:

    -Pack N Play w/Bassinet feature (Will use in our room until I'm comfortable either moving baby to crib or to our bed to cosleep. We'll play this by ear.)
    -One each of a few different kinds of bottles and pacifiers (Although, if you are committed to breastfeeding, you might consider waiting to purchase these. Having bottles and formula in the house isn't always the best, as it becomes too easy to just give a bottle if you're having a bad day with bf. And there are alot of bad days in the beginning, for most people.)
    -Bottle brush and a couple packages of the Munchkin microwave sanitizer bags. Soooo much more convenient than those giant things that you stick in the dishwasher!
    -5 receiving blankets. We never really used the flannel type ones, but much preferred the Aden&Anais muslin ones.
    -5-10 newborn sleepers. I'll probably go with the lower end, but it depends on how often you want to do laundry. I wouldn't worry about putting these on the registry. Believe me, you'll still get them at the shower.
    -1 or 2 actual "outfits" in NB size. You probably won't really get to take baby out all that much before he/she outgrows the NB size, if he/she ever actually fits into them! Same thing, these don't need to be on the registry.
    -Cotton prefolds for burpcloths. They are so much better than any commercial burp cloth out there.
    -Either a bouncy seat or a swing. I prefer the bouncy seat. I would strap baby in and put her on the bathroom floor while I took a shower. Between the steam and the vibration, she would fall asleep almost every time She used the swing rarely, as she just wanted to be carried.
    -Forget the Boppy, and get a My Breast Friend pillow. Whether you're bfing or not, it's much more comfortable and holds up longer. It's also much more supportive of good bfing positions. The Boppy goes flat after a while.

    Things you probably don't want to put on a registry, but I recommend having on hand for yourself:

    -Giant tub of coconut oil. It makes an excellent daily diaper cream for baby, and is excellent for sore nipples.
    -Extra hemorrhoid cream, Tucks, and pads.
    -Stool softener (especially if you're taking pain killers). I didn't know to do this and ended up with some pretty awful consequences. I'll save you the details, but I still have complications because the nurses didn't tell me to keep up with the softeners when I got home.
    -Sitz bath.
    -A couple of nice, easy to clean water bottles.
    And if you're breastfeeding:
    -Lanolin (you'll probably get some from the hospital). I only used this before getting in the shower.
    -Avent comfort breast shells. These keep your shirt from rubbing against you, which really hurts in the beginning.
    -Freezer gel packs that you can stick in your bra if you get engorged. I think Lansinoh makes them.
    -A pump of some kind, even if it's just a hand pump. You may not need it, but it's good to have on hand if you need it for relieving engorgement or if you have other bf complications.

    I'm sure I missed things, but these are the absolute essentials for me. In my experience, people are going to get you the things that they found most helpful, regardless of what you have on your registry, and you'll get more clothing than you could ever want.

    ETA: We're skipping the infant seat and going straight to a convertible car seat with this baby. And I love Taz's suggestion of the premixed formula bottles if you're going to have formula in the house from the get go. When I had to supplement, those were a sanity saver!
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    Hey Christine - you are getting great advice here. I will just add that I was very nervous with Birdie Mae (i know, seems crazy after all the others), but one thing I have loved having was the Angel Care monitor that actually beeps if the crib mattress doesn't rise and fall for over 10 seconds. She is 17 months old and we have only had 2 false alarms (didn't wake her, just sent me running upstairs), and a TON of peace of mind. I have loved looking at the monitor and seeing the pendulum swing to show me her breathing. It was expensive though, so great thing to register for if people want to chip in. This time we are going to get a video monitor to watch Birdie Mae (she's on the verge of climbing out of everything) and use the Angel Care for new baby.

    We did end up with a swing for Birdie Mae, but the Baby Bjorn and Moby wrap were where she spend most of her time. We got a play pen for downstairs and a small crib upstairs. She loves her boppy (one with two covers) and still sits on it to "read" books and lays her babies on it with a blanket.

    Side note - Don't get discouraged! So glad you are finally comfortable enough to embrace this pregnancy - congratulations!!!!
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    I'm sure everyone so far has given you ample advice, I haven't read through all the replies but I wanted to add my list of essentail baby gear for you.

    Bottles: I nursed, but when I was away DH would give bubs a bottle and we used Tommy Tippee bottles. Sometimes babies will reject certain bottles, so it may be beneficial to register for a few different kinds in small packs (like a 3 pack). This way you can try and see which ones baby likes best. I have heard good things about NUK and Dr Browns, too.

    Boppy: I registered for one but got two, and I honestly used them both all the time. One would get covered in spit up and poo that would soak through the slip cover - so while that one was in the wash I would use the other one. They are also nice as TV watching pillows for DH and I to use on the couch

    Diaper Genie: These are nice as they cut down on the smell factor, however the refills are EXPENSIVE and result in a lot of extra garbage! There are other brands where you can use any kind of garbage bag, and I think I would probably prefer one of those this time around.

    Wipe Warmer: Never had one and never missed it.

    Crib sheets: Two or three (or more, really how many sets of sheets do you have for your own bed? Thats all you need.)

    Monitors: Think about the size of your house/apartment - Will you really need a monitor? In every house we have lived in we would not need a monitor as with only one story, you can hear when the baby wakes up. That being said, if you do decide you need one I think the real question is whether to go with a standard one or a video monitor. I do think the video monitors would be nice to have, but in this area I would rely on reviews and recomendations from friends/family as I don't know!

    Other things-
    Car seat and stroller - I personally love the Graco travel systems, where the carseat snaps into the stroller.
    Receiving blankets: Maybe register for two 3-packs.
    Swing or Swing/bouncer combo: Can be a life saver! I would go for one of the nice papasan style ones where you can change the direction of the swing.
    Bouncer: Ditto swing.
    High chair or booster seat: Won't really be needed for about 4-6 months, but always nice to register for one. Remember to keep in mind the size of your kitchen/dining area as some of these can be huge.
    Rock-n-play: By Fisher price, sort of a bassinett/rocker that is inclined so it's good for babies with reflux - I really want one of these for our newest little one coming in February.
    Nursing bra pads: for leaks if you are going to nurse
    Milk storage bags
    Breast pump
    Bottle cleaning brush
    A baby bath tub is nice to have, too
    Baby bath towels - the kind with the little hood on them
    baby washclothes
    lotion, shampoo, powder, etc
    carrier/sling - baby bjorn gets good reviews, so do moby wraps, but personally I want to try the balboa sling I saw at babies r us!

    Stuff you REALLY don't need that people will try to get you to buy:
    Dreft or other laundry detergent that is "special" for babies. It smells lovely, but we always just used unscented, hypo-allergenic arm &
    Binkie/pacifier wipes or special dish soap to wash bottles and pacifier - just use regualr dish soap
    Lots of shoes - I know they're cute but babies do not walk they do not need shoes.
    Bottle drying rack - just use whatever you put your normal dishes on
    Wipe warmers!
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