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    Baby Center has a pretty good list of what you need. I used it as a starting point when I was registering: Baby Registry | BabyCenter

    As others have said, you don't need a wipe warmer. Besides being unneccesary, they can also stain/mark your changing table. You also don't need a bottle warmer. Just heat up a small amount of water in a mug in the microwave for one minute, then put the bottle in there for 2-3 minutes and the milk/formula will be plenty warm.

    We use our boppy all the time. When she was first born I used it to feed my daughter all the time but it also comes in handy as a prop for your elbow during feedings. And you can use it to prop your baby up with when they're practicing sitting up. So yes, I'd recommend a boppy. And yes, one boppy is enough, though you want two covers for it, in case your baby gets it dirty (which they will).

    Diaper Genies are pretty nasty, what with the sausage of poop that they make. I recommend the Safety First Easy Saver Diaper Pail, Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail | BabiesRUs We have two (one for disposable diapers, one for cloth) and it's extremely easy and cheap (only cost $20).

    I would also recommend registering for the types of swaddles that zip or velcro up. Swaddling with just the blanket is a headache and sometimes babies bust out of them, which can be dangerous while they sleep (as they can get their face caught up in the sheet). With the zipper/velcro ones, you know their in their securely and not getting out. You only need to register for the smallest size though, as you stop swaddling once your baby can turn over on its own, which is usually around 3/4 months.

    Personally, when I registered, I took my mom with me and that was a great help. As for what brand of bottles/monitor/etc, in the end, it really doesn't matter. We registered for Medela bottles because that was the brand of pump we got but I've bought a few different types since then. Whatever type of bottle you register for, make sure it's just the starter kit because once the baby gets here, you might find that you need/prefer a different kind and you don't want a bunch of bottles lying around that you never use.

    *Almost forgot, make sure you get a nightlight too. This is essential as the first few months you'll be having to get up to feed your baby every few hours and you don't want to be bumping around in the dark (even if the baby is sleeping next to you in a bassinett). Also, make sure you get the mesh, breathable crib bumpers as the ones they sell in the bedding packages are so thick these days that they've been known to cause babies to suffocate.
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    I have a boppy, I hate it. My baby was really small though, so I could hold her in one arm and walk around and feed her til she was about 4 months- If I had a heavier kid I might have appreciated it more. I mean you can always just use a regular pillow if you need some support. If you register for one you only really need 1 cover - and if you end up using it all the time you can always go get another cover later. (EDIT: I totally forgot we did prop her up in that thing quite a bit when she was in the "learning to sit up" phase so actually it was handy for a month or so there).
    I have 2 sets of crib sheets, and thats always been enough for us. It would be nice to have 3 or so, if you forget to do laundry once in a while or if your baby really spits up a storm.
    For bottles, I would suggest going with Born Free or Dr. Brown's glass bottles (just cause plastic stuff freaks me out). If you are planning to mainly breastfeed and only use bottles occasionally, then just get a little hand-pump. They are great to have around to stimulate milk flow in the early days & to relieve pressure if you start to get engorged (also if you want to have the odd glass of wine or whatever then you can pump-&-dump). If you are going to pump often get an electric pump.
    We have a diaper genie for disposables but the liners for it are expensive. I think you might as well just use a normal (tall) garbage bin.
    Our monitor is the Safety 1st Digital 1st Audio Monitor and it sucks. It randomly gets super loud in the middle of the night and freaks me out. I hate that stupid thing.
    No need for a wipe warmer, that is just silly.

    I agree with amydomsmom, register for all the less expensive little things, that you actually need. That way someone that doesn't want to budget $75 for a gift for you can get you some of those little necessities instead. Nail trimmers, a thermometer, pacifiers, burp cloths, receiving blankets, baby bath stuff (shampoo, bath lotion, wash cloths), lanoline ointment for cracked nipples, bra pads (i think i got medela ones). In the early days you'll want plain old vaseline for the sticky infant poop, portable changing pads, a boobie cover for breastfeeding. At Babies R Us I think you can update your registry online - so if its too overwhelming to go in there, don't.

    Bigger stuff (aside from obviously a carseat) you'll really want to register for: A baby swing. My SIL let me have her old one and the thing was a lifesaver. It was the only way I could get Azula to sleep for months. And a baby carrier. We just got like a Ring Sling, it was really handy cause she used to HATE the stroller. And the thing just folds up to pretty much fit in a ziplock sandwich bag, unlike those bulky Ergo carriers & things that are basically a backpack you have to cart around.
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    As for the bedding set I would ditch that. They look cute but are a sids hazard. A crib ruffle for under the mattress and a sheet are all you will need.
    crib bumpers are dangerous and even outlawed some places.
    Bottles I used nuk by gerber or tommee tippee.
    A diaper genie is a waste of money just use a trash can
    I prefer cloth diapers and wipes but if I have to use disposable I go with huggies, pampers make my sons break out in a horrible rash.
    never used a wipe warmer but ive thought about getting one this time.
    I would say at least 3 crib sheets. I have about five I think.
    a bassinet is nice but not necessary
    I love my ergo and it was well worth the money because I have and still use it often.
    muslin swaddles check out aden and anais brand. You can never have too many.
    Burb cloths I use a cotton diaper prefold instead of regular cloths. Econobum cotton prefolds.
    I never used a boppy. I used a regular pillow if I needed a lift.
    breastpads if you are breastfeeding. Check out bamboobies
    I didn't use a monitor either but I like the angelcare I think its called.
    A baby bathtub and a bouncy seat a baby swing, a manual breastpump and milk storage bags, a baby first aid kit and maybe a few pacifiers.
    Other than a couple of the heavier blankets I think thats about it. Now that im on baby 3 ive learned less is more for me at least.

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    Here's a pretty good checklist: Checklist: Baby Essentials - Pregnancy - Pregnancy Tools

    A few random things:

    - For a monitor, I'd get the angelcare, it's been wonders for those I know that have had it.
    - A swaddler. Tally loves to be swaddled. Even now, at 18 months, she is still swaddled on occasion but we use blankets now because they don't make those swaddlers small enough.
    - Tally has a regular trashcan and it works fine, doesn't stink up her room at all. It's similar to this: Better Homes and Gardens 30-Liter Round Step Trash Can: Kitchen & Dining :
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    For me, the bottle warmer would have helped when I needed to supplement, and the bedrooms are upstairs and kitchen downstairs. You'll need to limit stairs the first weeks home, and having dad run down to heat a bottle every 2 hrs gets old quick.
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