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    Thanks so much everyone! I went to the stores yesterday and walked around with my mom a bit - but I ended up in the same spot. Totally overwhelmed and slightly depressed. It's so hard to have so many choices for everything! But I'm going to reference all of your advice as I sit at the computer and add to my lists tonight

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    I'd recommend that if you want more than one child to register for things that are more gender neutral so you can reuse them for the next child.
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    I got one 2-pack of crib sheets and that has been enough. I can't see how anyone would ever need more than 4 sheets. You'll also want waterproof mattress protectors for under the sheets.

    I breastfed and my daughter hated bottles, so I don't really have any advice there, except if you're planning on pumping, using bottles that fit your pump does simplify things.

    A bottle warmer can be helpful, especially if you're going to be pumping and using frozen breast milk.

    Wipe warmers are silly, plus I think I've heard they can be a fire hazard? I wouldn't waste money on one.

    Diaper Genies are a pain and the bag refill things are expensive. We use a regular trash can with a lid.

    We don't have a baby monitor, but we also live in a really small 1-story house, so I can hear her from any room without one.

    I loved my Boppy for nursing, but my sister hated it, so you're just going to have to try it out and see what's comfortable for you. My sister still had one and used it for tummy time and propping the babies up when they're learning to sit, so it's not a total waste if you don't like it for breastfeeding. My 14-month-old still likes to sit in hers while she's looking at books! You only need one, but two covers is a good idea. Ours got spit up on a lot.

    I never had one, so I can't recommend a brand, but I wish I had had some sort of baby carrier, like a sling or Moby wrap or something. My kid just never wanted to be put down, but she also never wanted anyone else to hold her, so it would have been helpful to say the least.

    Other things you may want to register for:
    car seat (You can get one that snaps onto your stroller or a convertible one that the baby will fit in for years. We had one of each, since we have two cars.)
    bouncy seat or swing
    bassinet, pack-n-play, or co-sleeper (you may not want baby in his/her own room for a few weeks or months)
    swaddlers and sleep sacks (babies shouldn't sleep with loose blankets)
    bathtub or bath seat
    towels and washcloths
    burp cloths and bibs
    baby spoons and dishes
    bottle brush and drying rack
    diapers and wipes (if you're particular about brand or want to use cloth)
    baby care stuff, like shampoo and lotion, nail clippers, thermometer, brush and comb, diaper cream, etc.

    You can even register for clothes, books, and toys if you want, but people will probably get you that stuff whether you want them to or not. That's the fun stuff to shop for!
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    If you plan on breastfeeding, I strongly suggest registering for a few Medela Calma bottles and extra nipples, even if your pump isn't Medela. They work wonders for nipple confusion, but they're pretty expensive.

    Wipe warmers are great, until you need to change a diaper without one and your little one is used to nice, lukewarm wipes. I do recommend a small light for the changing table so you don't end up doing it in the dark or stirring the baby with the main room light.

    You really only need a few sheets, three or four should do.

    I have no idea how useful a Boppy is. I still haven't lost enough of the baby weight to use one for nursing and Baby Sir here refuses to use it to learn to sit.

    Other things:

    Register for a lot of those velcro swaddle wraps. We thought four would be enough and they got dirty faster than anything else.

    Don't register for toys. Everyone brings one anyway, and some people will buy only toys from your registry, so you have a mountain of toys and still need a highchair.

    Register for things that you don't think you'll need for a really long time. If your baby is really advanced, you'll be grateful to have some of the bigger things that you didn't think you'd need for several months.

    When in doubt, scan it.

    Get a few small packages of every size of diapers.

    Don't take every tag off of every outfit. Just prepare the basics and a few outfits that you'd really want to have handy for newborn size and everything for 0-3 months. I prepared all of the newborn clothes, even though I was told this; I think I was hoping the estimates were off. I ended up with a 9 lb, 15.4 oz baby in the 99th percentile for length and had almost nothing for him to wear at home. Have someone else finish with the newborn clothes if you need them.
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    I am a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff. The things I really used- Boppy (I nursed and found it helpful, also brought it to the hosp and it was nicer than their pillows!) a carrier/sling like an ergo or bjorn, a swing (takes up a lot of space, but it soothed her & was a place to put her down for a break), swaddlers with the velcro were very helpful for our winter baby,

    Stuff that I didn't need- bottle warmer, we did supplement but I didn't warm her bottles and she was fine with that, wipe warmer, changing table cause any surface will do, full size crib, a mini crib worked fine for us, honestly we could've gotten by with just a moses basket or bassinet cause we mostly co-slept, mobile, tons of toys and music makers, baby shoes, everybody loves buying them but there's no need for them, receiving blankets & burp cloths, we have plenty of towels that can be used for this. Also- we did a terrible job of picking our stroller. I went for a cheap one cause I didn't know what to look for. For me, it was easier to pick one once baby was here and I mostly just used a sling for the beginnning anyway.

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