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    Red face Advice to a 1st-time mom registering for shower?

    Hi there,

    I've put it off as long as possible... but my friends and family are all really starting to pester me about registering. Especially now that my friend Jessica has started planning a Baby Fiesta for us next month. I started looking around online tonight and HOLY OVERWHELMING! Hubby has pretty much zero interest so it's falling on me. I've created a registry at Babies R Us, Target, and (we have a lot of family and friends living across the country and abroad)... but now I have to fill them up. So far I've picked a bedding set, a stroller, a mobile.... that's about it.

    Please HELP! I have no idea which bottles or nipples or monitors to pick. I'm trying to check reviews too and it's just way too much. And do you need a diaper genie or no diaper genie? A wipe warmer?? How many crib sheets? Is one Boppy enough?

    Yes, I'm totally clueless. Thank you so much for any tips or advice you can give, you will be helping out more than I can say!

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    Bottles: I've got the MAM anti-colic bottles. They're self-sterilising, super easy to clean, and they look cute too. I love these bottles.

    Baby Monitor: I've got a BT baby monitor, it's fine, it plays some sweet lullabies and it's small and easy to carry around.

    Sheets: As many as possible... No, we've got seven. Three of them's never been used.

    Wipe warmers, I've never even heard of that! Sounds ridiculous. You keep the wipes in the bathroom I presume, so they'll be fine.

    What is a boppy???

    We use cloth-nappies, so don't need a nappy disposal system.

    Additional thing; I'd get between five and seven grobags, varying in materials and thickness.

    I don't really know what kind of things are normal for a baby shower, but if there's anything else just ask!
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    I never use my boppy, my lactation consultant told me to ditch it, and bone of the moms in my support group use it either.

    I have two sheets for her cradle and that's not enough. I think we have 5 crib sheets which I think is perfect.

    I use tommy tippee bottles, I like them and think they're good for a breastfed baby.

    I think a wipe warmer is excessive, but that's just me. My baby was also born in June where it's warm, so I might change my mind come winter. Also, a bottle warmer is something I wish I had.
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    I like my boppy, but more to prop her for tummy time that feeding....I have one boppy and two covers.

    Bottles...I like the playtex drop in nursers for going back and forth between breast feeding and giving her pumped milk.

    I have 4 sheets for the crib and 3 for the bassinet.

    I don't have a diaper genie or wipe warmer... a plain old trash can with a lid works just fine if you take it out regularly!

    Good luck! It's so overwhelming...I cried in the car seat aisle of babies r us the first day I went to look.
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    I had a Boppy which I loved, as I had a C-section and liked something sturdy to lay him on for BFing. You'll only need one pillow, you could do with 2 covers for it because there will be spit ups, but they are not a necessity (just throw a blanket down while the cover is in the wash).

    I had a diaper genie (II) that I used for the whole first year and I really liked it. Convenient if you're using disposables, less smelly than a trash can, and only around $30 I believe.

    Wipe warmers seem totally unnecessary. I believe my Baby Moniter was the second lowest in price at Babies R Us and I still have it... still works, so just pick the one that looks the most comforting to you. In my opinion you don't need a super fancy one with a screen but then again, if that will give you comfort you may as well register for it. I do know the good thing about BrU and Target is that they'll give you a discount on everything left on your registry list after the date of your shower passes, so that's a plus and a reason to register for more items.

    I would also suggest you register for a lot of smaller items- diaper rash cream, shampoo, socks, nail trimmers, mylicon(gas drops, def get this), teethers, pacifiers?, nursing pads- just in case someone wants to buy all your little "under $5" necessities and make a DIY basket for you. And if you don't register for a single item of clothing I promise you will still get some, lol.
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