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Thread: Joachim/Joakim

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    Would Joachim ever be pronounced right in the US? Would it stand a better chance spelled as Joakim? Does Joakim seem more familiar because of Joakim Noah the NBA player? I think the easily accessible NNs Joe and Joey make both spellings easier to wear but I'm worried about pronunciation issues.

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    Joachim is my preferred spelling. It's an underused Biblical gem. I also like the Spanish version Joaquin. Some Slavic and Scandinavian countries have the Joakim spelling and it may be better for pronunciation but I still favour the original. I don't follow the NBA but I know a lot of sportsman have kre8tif spellings of names (eg. Isiah Thomas' first name should be Isaiah).
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    Kelley Rippa's son is Joaquin. I think most people are familiar with this.

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    I suppose that depends on what pronunciation you consider correct. In Sweden, it would be spelled Joakim and be pronounced "YO-ah-keem." In the US I've heard it more like "Joe-a-kim" or "Joe-a-keem." The Joaquin spelling is more often pronounced like "Wa-keen" I believe. Do you have a pronunciation in mind?

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    Definitely prefer Joachim. I'm not an NBA fan and have never seen the other spelling, though it makes sense I suppose.

    I also have to back montessorimeg-- Joaquin is a totally different name (pron. Wa-keen). I've heard Joachim pronounced "Yo-ah-keem" or "Jo-ah-keem"

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