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Thread: Penelope Luna

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    I prefer Penelope June. Penelope Mitzi is a combo I really like as well.

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    Penelope June is gorgeous.
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    I like Luna a lot more than I like June.

    Penelope Luna does go lo-lu a little as I say it but I don't think it's bad. I also don't give half a damn what Penelope Cruz has just named her baby, honestly. Penelope Cruz is okay, don't get me wrong, but in three years will anyone care about Luna Cruz? I can barely bring myself to care what Angelina's named her kids and she's in the news more than Penelope Cruz.

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    Thanks all! and I feel the same way about penelope the time we have our baby she will be out of the that doesn't really bother me! I just can't decide if I like June or Luna better...
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