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    Azalea indecisiveness

    Hi ladies,
    For a while now Azalea has been at the top of our list. Before that it was Caroline, and before that Adelaide. But I can't seem to feel certain about any name and it worries me that maybe it's just because I haven't found the right one yet. Other names we considered: Zadie, Zelda, Zora (my husband likes Z names), Sarah (but my DS is Henry and we worried about 'When Harry Met Sally'), Veronica.
    Any suggestions based on this list or thoughts about feeling indecisive?

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    Sorry gents, should have written, "Berries" not "ladies"

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    Azalea is absolutely stunning and GORGEOUS! It's my absolute favourite name on this planet and the way I obsess over it I must be mentally unstable, haha. As you can tell from my username... it's not my actual name though. Fresh, spunky, girly but not frilly, fun and with an upbeat vibe. Stylewise, Azalea is closer to Zora, Zelda and Zadie- spirited and snappy and fairly modern. Caroline and Adelaide are similar though, classic with tons of history.
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    first, adelaide and azalea are both on my lists. i adore both names.

    azalea sounds like a great choice, especially because your husband likes z names. as well, azalea comes with many nickname possibilities: zale (for the z loving hubby), lee, or lea (lee-ah).

    remember you have the middle name to play with as well, if you are toying with some indecisiveness. but don't fret too much about deciding beforehand. sometimes, you just need to see her beautiful face and you'll know, "she's an azalea".

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    I think Azalea is a pretty name. Although maybe too exotic for Henry. I think your other names are nice as well. I would not worry about the whole Harry met Sally thing. I didn't make the connection and I know kids won't make that connection.
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