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    My parents and in-laws provide no financial support. If anything we help them. As for child care, one set is on the other side of the country, the other side is on the other side of the world. They came from indian and are helping me with my 2yo as I near my due date with no. 2.

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    Our families live in the US and UK, and we live in Finland.
    My mum comes maybe once a year for a month and helps out with the kids. DP's family wouldn't watch the kids even when we lived 20 minutes down the road, though I wasn't too bothered as my DP's brothers and sister totally take advantage of them and are constantly asking them to watch their kids even though they're in their 70s with health problems. I didn't expect anyone to help us out, so my mum's help is nice.
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    My dad and stepmother live half an hour away. My in-laws are fifteen minutes away.

    My dad has always been willing to babysit when we need him but prefers not to watch very little babies so we don't really have him babysit for the first few months we also don't really go out much those first few months. He tends to watch the kids about once a month. He doesn't help us out financially like give us money but he buys the kids some nice gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Last year for Christmas he got us a Zoo membership, which was an awesome gift and we're really loving it.

    My in-laws aren't consistent at all. Sometimes we see them all the time and when we just had one they'd watch him overnight sometimes. Currently my MIL isn't speaking to us. She's upset that we're upset that she lied to us about something, if that makes sense. Financially she also gets us gifts for holidays/birthdays, she buys the kids random clothes and toys sometimes and sometimes she'll take us out for dinner. But none of it is stuff we count on or need to make ends meet or anything. My in-laws are bad with money so when they have a lot of money they tend to spend it quickly, which means random gifts for the grandkids and eating out for just about every meal.
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    My in-laws live in the same village as us in the UK, and my parents live in Canada.

    My in-laws are both retired, and do not have a great retirement income. So we help to support them financially. However, by far and away we come out the best in this arrangement, as they are both the most caring and loving people and our lives would fall apart without them. Since DH and I both work demanding full-time jobs (he's a pilot, I'm a lawyer), my MIL is basically my "wife": she cooks, cleans, shops, receives packages, etc. for us when we get too busy. I expect this will extend to child care when baby arrives and I go back to work - it is even possible that I will pay her to be our nanny a few days a week. We have money but no time, they have no money but lots of time and energy, so it just seems to work for us. My parents come to visit a few times a year, and I expect will be a great help during those short visits (well, at least my mum will be. My dad is a bit of a grumpy old man. He will be more interested in our kid when it can debate politics with him).
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    How close by are your parents & partner's parents?
    We live in the same town, they're about 20 mins away from each other

    How much childcare help or financial help do they provide?
    I (and Parker) used to live with my ex boyfriend's family. They took care of Parker whenever we wanted, and it was pretty much every other day or so. they helped us financially as well.
    we haven't had any help from my parents, but that was because I didn't talk with them. i recently moved in with them again, and my mother has taken care of Parker like two times from that.

    Do they help more of less than you assumed that they would?
    Jem's parents: a LOT more. which i'm very thankful for, we couldn't have done it otherwise
    my parents: didn't have any contact with them, and I never thought they would help us so...
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