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    Zuzu Alice is cute, imo.
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    Also, loving the idea of her initials spelling ZAP!

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    the problem isnt imagining it on an adult its believing an adult would ever want to be called Zuzu for eternity.

    there is also the connotation of the Zhuzhu pet craze.

    to make sure your child has options, plus give the name better flow, go with Alice Zuzu or even Xanthe Zuzu?
    my husband goes by his middle name and its never been that big of a problem.

    plus this way if the cute factor wears off or gets tiring for your child it easier for them to transition to the first name instead of the other way around. the fact that your SO has taken so long to come around means theres probably a good reason. hearing your view on it all the time most likely made is seem more normal.

    it doesnt feel like a 'name thats just not for everyone' at all. its BEYOND quirky or different like Xanthe, its at the point where people question its legitimacy. it IS a great name! but only in theory, fiction, and sadly jokes.

    i think a lot of time we get lost in names we love and dont truly admit to ourselves or consider if we are really doing whats best in naming another person.

    it really sounds like you are set, but hope you can think past what you want and think about what your child, not just as a cute little girl, but as a woman, mother, and professional would want to be called by her friends, husband, and boss.
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    I'll be honest I'm not a fan of Zuzu as it feels like a nickname. I however love Xanthe which is unusual but very beautiful. Could Zuzu be a nickname? Whilst it is absolutely none of my business I struggle to see Zuzu on an adult. Sorry
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