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    He finally agreed!

    After years of trying to convince SO to consider my beloved Zuzu, he finally agreed. For me, it has replaced Xanthe Ada as our top name for a future daughter, but he's still pretty set on Xanthe. We'll see.

    The problem now is the middle name. I love how Zuzu Ada looks, and Ada is one of the few names SO loves, but I also think it sounds a little weird. Too many repeating sounds. Our next choice is Zuzu Alice. We both love Alice, but I think it looks weird. Not that that really matters, it isn't like I'll be writing out her name just for kicks her entire life.

    We're looking for a more traditional name that starts with A, because my SO likes the idea of her initials spelling ZAP. I think it's pretty cute. Any comments and opinions are appreciated. What do you think of Zuzu Alice?
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