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Thread: Seamus?

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    Thanks, everyone!

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    I'm sure it will be fine. I agree with the comment re Sean.


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    I'm too chicken to use it because of the "shame us" thing and I've seen someone comment in a forum before that they think "semen". But I do love that red-haired hottie "pro" wrestler whose stage name is Sheamus, especially for being a proud pale Irishman.

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    I echo what many above have said. I'm from the South and I would love to meet a little Seamus! You might have to explain it to a lot of people but people are used to hearing/seeing Sean and lots of people have heard of Seamus b/c of Harry Potter. It's a great name. Go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    If we can grasp Sean, I'm pretty sure we can grasp Seamus.
    That's what I was thinking! There's also Seoras which is Gaelic for George. Pronounced Shor-is.

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