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    Awesome Alliteration: Your favorite alliterative combos!

    If you aren't one for alliteration in names, click the <l button.

    I've been experimenting with my favorite girls names, and decided to pair with a middle starting with the same letter. It was really fun, so I invite you to do the same! Give me your coolest alliteration combinations!

    Favorites of mine:
    Amaryllis Adair
    Anastasia Arielle
    Arcadia Annabelle
    Aurelia August
    Bellamy Bridget
    Calliope Clover
    Evangeline Echo
    Genevieve Glinda, Genevieve Giselle
    Haven Hillary
    Holiday Hazel
    Isla Indigo
    Jessamine Jewel
    Kirrily Kate
    Livia Laurel
    Madeleine Mira
    Rhiannon Ruby
    Rosalind Riley
    Sabrina Scarlett
    Savanna Saylor
    Scarlett Serendipity
    Valencia Violet
    Waverly Winter

    Edit: boys names welcome too! I'm just not very good at them.
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    Ivy Isabella
    Molly Madeleine
    Naomi Noelle

    August Alexander
    Caleb Christopher

    I wasn't sure if you only wanted girl names, so I put a couple boy names as well.
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    My favorite names:
    Quinn ~ Lyle ~ Dawson ~ Beau ~ Clark

    Olive ~ Lydia ~ Georgia ~ Violet ~ Emilia

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    [COLOR="#66cc33"]Ignatius - Jasper - Hugo - Edmund - Henry - Oliver - Rupert - Felix - Percy - August - Atticus - Amias - Otto - Barnaby - Arthur - Ezra - Hector - Charles[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#cc99cc"]Antigone - Hermione - Harriet - Cordelia - Violet - Persephone - Beatrice/Beatrix - Clementine - Ottilie - Florence - Octavia - Drusilla - Agnes - Ida - Matilda - Xanthe[/COLOR]

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    combos of the moment ( I did this in like 2 min , sorry if they are crap )

    girls :

    Winter Wisteria
    Isolde Isabella
    Arabella Augusta
    Anastasia Amelie
    Vasthi Victoria
    Aphrodite Aradia
    Bellicent Bloom
    Auden Aurelia
    Alaska Aveline
    Birdie Belle
    Iris Isolde
    Lavina Lorelei
    Indiana Isabel
    Isis Isabelline
    Emmeline Eve
    Moon Marian
    Lydia Luna
    Madeleine Maisie
    Rue Rosalind
    Thisbe Twilla
    Persephone Penn
    October Odette
    Remember Rosamund
    Eleanor Elizabeth
    Snow Severina

    Boys :

    Atticus August
    Lawrence Lucian
    Beau Benedict
    Evander Ethan
    Galileo Gawain
    Sebastian Severus
    Gabriel Gideon
    Volker Victor
    Cato Camben
    Dorian Darcy
    Horatio Huckleberry
    Orpheus Odin
    Amadeus Alistair
    River Rhydian
    Thor Theseus
    Hunter Hero
    Foster Frost
    Alaric Avitus
    Marcus Mason
    Casimir Caspar
    Archer Atticus
    Mercutio Mathew
    Leopold Liam
    Grey Gabriel

    What can i say ? I get addicted

    BTW @Fiammetta your boys alliteration are wonderful !!
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