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    Rank our shortlist

    We've narrowed down our boy names to 5, which seems like a big step. Please rank these. Middle name will be James or Nicholas, possibly John (all to honor a relative), and I'm not interested in using any of those as a first name. Feel free to add whichever middle name you think sounds the best. Our last name sounds like Cree-Foil.

    Fenwick (nn Fen) family name
    Tennyson (nn Ten or Tenny)
    Jolyon (JOE-lee-un)
    Peregrine (nn Pen or possibly Pip)
    Everhart (nn Hart) family name


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    Everhart (would be higher but I'm not a huge fan of how it sounds with your last name)
    Jolyon - the only name I actually dislike

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    Fenwick, Peregrine and Everhart are my favourites.
    I think you should have three sons and use all 3 names! haha
    I'm not sure I could pick a favourite of the three...
    Hart is my favourite nn, while Fenwick is my favourite full name and is a family name so...
    Fenwick James , Everhart Nicholas and Peregrine John all sound good to me!

    Good luck!
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    Peregrine: Oh, this is an absolute favorite. Pen is such a awesome nn.
    Tennyson: Gorgeous name.
    Everhart: I like it, and I like that you're going to use Hart as a nn.
    Fenwick: Not my cup of tea.
    Jolyon: The same. It's probably just out there for me. And won't it be difficult to spell it correct? I wouldn't have any idea, though.

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    Fenwick is my favorite.
    Tennyson seems more of a girl name to me because the only Tennyson I have ever met is a girl.
    Jolyon seems to be a confusing name to pronounce. Also looks a lot like the girl name Jocelyn (to me at least). I like the idea of Joel better.
    Peregrine is too out there. It could work as a middle, but not a first.
    Everhart seems...cheesy and soap-opera-ish. It reminds me of this book series I read about warrior cats who kill each other. The main character's name was Lionheart. It also seems too feminine to me. No. No no noo.
    Stick with Fenwick. It's strong and has almost a mystical medieval feel to it. And the nn Fen is great

    How about:
    Fenwick Nicholas
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