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    Thanks Sarah <3 that is what I keep hearing. I am just glad the bleeding has stopped I know TMI lol but that makes me feel like it is all over with.

    jemama- Havent seen you around in a while! I just saw the thread where you posted Wolfie and Linus They are so precious! Wolfie has eyes to die for. I appreciate you sharing your story. IMO I think a loss is a loss. But the fact you had to actually give birth to the one you are one strong woman. I believe I passed mine the day before I saw my OBGYN. I was shocked sad and scared but life itself is very interesting and that picture will never leave my mind. I also didn't need a D n C. After much discussion with my boyfriend and family I think we are going to try next fall. I know a lot of people who take a full year before trying again. My boyfriend and I want to get engaged and then married next Fall. We decided to shoot for a honey moon baby. I think it will give me time to truly heal and become normal again. I want the fear to go away and I just feel trying to soon we may be discouraged. Plus then I can consume my brain with wedding planning. I appreciate the kind words and I hope we have a healthy baby soon but if the higher ups want us to have it then we will. If its before we get married great and if its not then we will TTC. I am not super religious but I believe my loved ones who have passed can guide things in a certain direction. When the time is right it will happen for us. <3
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    I think it just depends on the loss, the couple, etc.

    We tried for over a year, finally conceiving in Jan. It just didn't feel right to me... does that make sense? We went for our 8 wk appt in March and discovered that our pregnancy had ended 3 weeks earlier. It was a blighted ovum, so in my thoughts - there wasn't a baby. Something was so horribly wrong, that my body shut the pregnancy down. It was easier for me to work through that way.

    My OB said 2 normal cycles after the miscarriage. My fertility specialist said One. It took us so long to get pregnant, that we figured we'd just try after one healthy cycle, because it wasn't likely to happen anyway, right? Wrong. We conceived after the first cycle. Everything must have been cleaned out and perfect. We found out at our 8 week appt (which was horrifying traumatic for me, waiting for bad news again) that we were carrying twins. Double the rainbow!!!

    We should hopefully find out this week what we're having. But every single day I send up a prayer for healthy babies. A miscarriage just makes the fragility of these little lives so real.
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    Sorry for your loss. Sounds like you have a great perspective and a wonderful plan. Concentrate on that wedding and you'll know when you're ready to try again. *hugs*

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