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    I can't remember if I already told you my experience or not but just in case. I miscarried in October of 2011, first pregnancy, at 10 weeks. Our OB told us to wait 3 cycles before trying again (I remember talking about starting after Christmas). My husband wanted to try again immediately and I thought I did too. But honestly, when the 3 months was over, I knew I was nowhere near ready emotionally. I just knew I wouldn't be able to handle the stress yet - I knew that when I did get pregnant again, I was going to be absolutely scared to death (would I lose that one too?). I needed more time to grieve and more time to move on. So we had to wait. It ended up being about a year before I felt even remotely ready. Hubby was very patient and understanding so he just rode it out with me.

    At that point, it really hit me. I was ready! And hey, he and I are both 34 and not getting any younger! So I bought an OPK to track ovulation. The second cycle, I also used the Mucinex. And it worked, we got pregnant again! I'll be totally honest and say the first 3-3.5 months of this pregnancy were hell. Every twinge, every cramp, every spot was panic. But you just breathe through it and hold on to whoever you can and cry when you have to and hope/pray for the best. Now here we are, we'll be at Week 23 on Monday and looking good so far. I'm still scared of course - I won't feel relief until she's in my arms and I can count her fingers and toes myself. But it's definitely easier than it was earlier on. So you've started on a really tough journey now but it's one that is absolutely do-able and millions of women have been down the same road. And it's, of course, totally worth it at the end, right? Has to be or no one would bother with all this b.s.! <<hugs>>

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    Thank you berries so much I appreciate the kind words and sharing your experiences <3 I truly believe it happened for a reason and I know I am not the type of person who can wait a year to try again. I am more anxious to try again and believe the higher ups will take care of me this time since I went through such a crappy situation. I have heard trying 3-6 months after a MC you are really fertile. Waiting to long can take longer to conceive. And we did get pregnant on our first shot so I am hoping it will happen like that again and we will go full term. So we are going to try again in October towards the end of that month early November. My doctor had said wait 4-8 weeks or after my first normal cycle to try again but I think I will just fight off the urge to want to try until end of Oct (2 cycles) Like you ladies have said I am scared to death but I am a strong a believe in my body will be prepared this time. It was being prepped. That is all I can do. Thank you again ladies
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    Well, my husband and I are always ttc. I have had 3 miscarriages. We didn't wait after any of them. We wanted to increase our chances and didn't want to waste time.
    I am sorry for your loss. Try again whenever the time is right for you.

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    @scarlet - Chances are you will be fine with your next pregnancy. One miscarriage doesn't mean you'll have problems again. I'm sure it's incredibly hard not to be concerned, but I know several women who have miscarried and then gone on to have healthy babies with their subsequent pregnancy. If it was me, I'd wait until I had a period, then start TTC the next month.
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    So much love, sweetie. I am sorry this has happened to you. <3 I had one die further along (21 weeks) and was told to wait for 6 months before ttc for physical reasons (because I was so far along when it occured) but mostly, for emotional. We prevented, then had another loss (mc at 5-6 weeks) almost exactly a year later. Now laying next to me is my "double rainbow" baby who was born 16 months after that loss.

    Each story is different. I did give birth to the first (after an induction) and passed the 2nd on my own (no d and c etc) so I am not sure if that changes anything as far as healing time. Emotionally healing is good to do as well, we were not planning on getting pregnant with Wolfie when we did, but, it happened and I spent my entire pregnancy so worried...I do not think that after having a loss at any point in the pregnancy that you will *not* worry, so having support is key during your next pregnancy whenever that happens. Best wishes to you, and may you soon hold a healthy, beautiful baby in your arms.
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