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Thread: Name Remorse

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    I absolutely adore her name. Helena is one of my favorite girl's names, and Alice is so sweet! I love her name with her brothers', and agree with most other posters that you shouldn't change it.

    I do, however, have a rather peculiar suggestion for you. Growing up I was enamored with stuffed animals, and became quite attached to them. Maybe you could get her something, a rabbit or a bear or a dog, and name it Saoirse for her. Make it a little certificate (or go to Build-a-Bear or something) with the name, so she knows what it is as she grows up and how to spell it. It'll give her a nice keepsake, her own 'little sister,' and you get to hear the name as she grows up. You might find this creepy, but it's just a thought.
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    I think you should do what you feel. If you feel like Saoirse is the right name, then change it! If not, then Alice is nice too. If you did change it, now would be the perfect time since she's still too young to even know what her name is. Everyone else would eventually get over it. I personally think that Saoirse is very pretty.
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    I see the appeal of Saoirse (I just had to look at it to type it correctly..) as it sounds pretty.
    For your daughter, give her the gift of a name people can type without checking how to spell it. Give her the gift of a name everyone will know how to say first time everytime.
    Your boys have such lovely classic names and Alice is a perfect match.
    Alice is a pretty, classic and feminine name.
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    I don't usually do this, but I am going to change my vote. This thread stayed in my mind and something about it kept nagging away at me. I think if you want to change to Saoirse, you should. I really think you should follow your heart.

    It is not "weird" to have children named George, Henry, and Saoirse -- for heaven's sake. Sometimes on nameberry we get hung up on tangents -- like the perfect sib set. That is nice to achieve, isn't it. But there are larger issues than sib sets and difficulty. And you must have boys named Patrick and Declan to use Saoirse? The tail is wagging the dog here.

    I think it is more important that a parent feels the name is the child, for one. And most of all, a parent should choose a name that makes her feel as though someone has turned on a light in her heart every time she says it. If Saoirse makes your soul soar, it is the right name to use.

    Of course Alice is easier and it does fit better with her brothers -- but that is not everything in life, is it. It is not too late to change, and if this mom thinks she really wants to, I say do it. Just by the way, as many people with unusual names adore them as not. And there is more to gluing a family together than choosing names with sit-com perfect match.

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    I love Alice Helena Everett. It is such a beautiful name and I would not change it. That being said you should do what feels right. My opinion is to keep Alice. By the way, Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!
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