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Thread: Name Remorse

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    Name Remorse

    My lovely daughter arrived on June 3. As soon as my husband and I found out we were expecting a girl, we chose the name Alice Helena Everett and that is what we named her. But along the way, I also fell in love with the name Saoirse after meeting a number of babies named Alice. My husband likes it, too, but on the day of her birth we couldn't get past the spelling-not-linked-to-pronunciation issue. I can't get the name out of my mind, though, and I don't think I can convince my husband that we should have a fourth child (we are also parents to Henry Oliver and George Parker), and that child of course could be a boy. So should I change her name? Thoughts?

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    No. It should be her choice at this point (e.g., if she initiates an interest in changing her name, support her). While Saoirse is lovely, it's still a difficult name for most Americans to comprehend, and a lot to ask your child to handle, especially when she already has a perfectly lovely name.

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    Personally, I like both names in the vintage pairing Alice Helena and I think Henry, George and Alice are perfection together. Saoirse is a modern Irish name that means "freedom" so it's more like a political statement rather than a name with depth and history. I would think it would also run into pronunciation as well as spelling problems in the US. I don't think you should change her name. Alice Everett is lovely and the name sounds like a writer or artist to my ears.
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    Alice is such a beautiful and classic name- I wouldn't change a thing!
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    Alice Everett is so beautiful! Oh I wish I had a name like that

    Even though you have met a few little Alices, the name isn't very popular. What about changing her middle name to Saoirse, if you really want to include it?

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