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    I haven't read all the responses but I have to put in a plug for Newfoundlands!! They are the sweetest, most docile, lovable and loving dogs in my experience. My oldest daughter was only around a year old when we had to have our Newfie put down but he loved and protected that baby. She would lay on him like a big giant pillow and he was so incredibly gentle and loving to her.

    When we took her swimming in my parents pool he would pace the side like a lifeguard until she came out. He was truly a gentle giant and every Newfie I have encountered was like that.

    A disclaimer though... They are huge (mine was about 140 lbs which was a bit on the small side for a male), they shed quite a bit though it tended to be in clumps or tumbleweeds as we called them :-) and they drool. My Newfie wasn't too bad in the drool department but we still carried a towel w us so people who wanted to pet him (which was everyone who met him) didnt get a pant leg full of slobber.

    We currently have a labradoodle who we rescued. He's amazing with the kids too and he had a less than desirable past so that says a lot. I wanted another Newfie but the maintenance was a little overwhelming right now. I love our current dog but I do think next time I will have to go back to a Newfie. They have my heart.

    Sorry for the diatribe, it's been awhile since I've been able to gush about my Newfie :-)

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    Awe love that you started this thread. We aren't allowed animals in our current apt but when we move (2-3 years) we're considering getting a cat (for me) and a dog (for him).

    Anyone have experience with Pit Bulls, Boston Terriers? Or just any type of Terrier in general?

    We care currently drawn to Pitty's 'cause we'd adopt from the pound and (in our area at least) they are the most common to be abandoned.
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    My parents got a great Dane just before I was born and he lived until I was 8. He was the best dog ever. He was super gentle, even when I was crawling all over him. He was also a great protector and super smart. I have great memories of that dog!
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    I have a Labrador retriever. I really do think he is a great dog. Very docile, affectionate and low maintenance. Great with kids of all ages. Even has a sense of humor. With young kids, I'd suggest a lab, golden, malamute or any setter. Other good kid friendly dogs (from experience) are basenjis ( highly energetic, but don't bark) cocker spaniels, Nova Scotia duck tolling retrivers, clumber spaniels, Bernese mountain dogs, or pointers. I know several great, well mannered huskies, but I know they can be stubborn and wild. I wouldn't recommend any collies as they tend to herd children, and it frightened my brother as a kid. They nip a lot. Good luck.

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    I would suggest a samoyed, we have two and are the best to have around. Although they do bark alot, you will rarely find an agressive samoyed as they have a great temperament and are great with young children.
    I also grew up with a cavalier king charles spaniel and although it was the cutest dog, he was super lazy and not the smartest. Probably wouldn't be the most enjoyable dog for young children to play with.
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