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    Most people who were complaining in the comments still seemed pretty upbeat about it. I mean, it seemed like a pain, especially when they were younger, but most seemed like they preferred their unusual names over being another Jennifer or Jessica. Like the girl who had the single letter for a last name said going to the DMV was entertaining. It depends on your child, definitely, but I still think the benefits outweigh the negatives.

    Of course, this is coming from someone with a very popular name that loathed having to go by my first name and last initial my whole life.
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    I think it all depends on what your naming your kid. For example there are people who might think "Bluebell" is a strange name and yet I can't imagine anyone struggling on the pronunciation.

    I never found my name on any keychains and stuff (and its Marianne) and I was never really bothered by it. And besides, in this day and age you can order stuff online and have it customized to have your name on it. Honestly, I'm kind of glad that I wasn't the millionth Jessica or Sarah in my school.

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    As far as the struggles go: i identified with a lot of those and my name has been in the top 100 for almost a century.

    I have a normal middle name, but a less-common (but legitimate) spelling and it throws people off. For some reason, a lot of people see my full name, decide the middle looks French, and pronounce my entire name with a weird attempt at a French accent, even though the first and last name are obviously not French!

    Its all relative, i think. My older sister's name should be easy to pronounce, its two well-known names put together, and its not commonly heard, but is obvious how it should be pronounced. But people routinely slaughter it; she's been called everything from Geraldine to Jocelyn.

    I think a name can be much farther "out-there" than my or my sister's names and still have a much easier time of it. I think readability/pronounceability is more important than the weirdness of the name.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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