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    Boy Names, Initial Impressions

    What springs to mind when you read or hear each of the following names?


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    Anderson - Mr Anderson, an old school teacher
    Greer - sneer
    Everett - Mt Everest
    Sawyer - soya sauce
    Ryan - Giggs
    Mason - a stonemason
    Jack - a happy little boy!
    Quade - Dennis Quaid
    Liam - Neeson
    Archer - The Archers

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    Anderson - Anders nn Ders from the show Workaholics.
    Greer - David Alan Grier.
    Everett - just that I love it.
    Sawyer - annoyance at the possibility of this "going to the girls".
    Ryan - lots of people my generation (i.e. dated).
    Mason - kourtney kardashian.
    Jack - cute little boy.
    Quade - yuck. sorry!
    Liam - love. annoyance at its popularity.
    Archer - the animated sitcom.
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    Anderson: Cooper
    Greer: David
    Everett: Mt Everest
    Sawyer: Country bumpkin
    Ryan: Friend of mine
    Mason: Stone mason
    Jack: 'o lantern
    Quade: Dennis
    Liam: Friend of mine
    Archer: An actual archer

    Looks like I had a couple of repeats

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    My first impressions of each?

    Anderson - I imagine a fairly laid back sort of guy. Easy going.
    Greer - I first imagine this to be a glamour girl name.. I can't imagine on a boy, sorry!
    Everett - Seems like a cool guys name to me.
    Sawyer - I've no idea why, but I think of more of a feminine guy. A skinny jeans and fashionable button up unbuttoned with a tee under sort of guy who gels his hair. Idk.
    Ryan - I feel like as I know so many Ryans my initial impression is based off of people I know. I know a fun and outgoing Ryan, a compulsive liar Ryan, a lazy Ryan, a studious Ryan... Hmm.
    Mason - burly, strong man. I associate it with a stone mason or something though soo....
    Jack - sensitive and sweet. maybe even athletic.
    Quade - I think of Dennis Quaid lol
    Liam - Liam makes me think of a jock. A warm smile and really fun and outgoing.
    Archer - I'm a bit biased here as my soon to be son will be named Archer! But I think its a really cool name for a really cool guy <3 And I think energetic and athletic.

    I hope this is what you meant by impressions, and not just associations in pop culture or something <3

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