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    Boy Names, Initial Impressions

    What springs to mind when you read or hear each of the following names?

    Anderson: Cooper
    Greer: Friend of the family (like it)
    Everett: city in Washington
    Sawyer: LOST
    Ryan: I know lots of adult Ryan's so it doesn't hold one specific meaning for me. Like it though.
    Mason: Jar or Disick (oh the shame of watching too much Kardashians!) I like Miles as a similar name.
    Jack: way too common where I live. I know like 10 little Jacks under age 8.
    Quade: Dennis
    Liam: Like it... and Leo too.
    Archer: my favorite on your list. Arch and Archie are such cute NNs.

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    Greer--preppy little Country Club girl
    Everett--future Philosophy professor
    Sawyer--Trendy Southerner
    Ryan--my nephew (bright, outgoing, popular kid)
    Mason--secret society?
    Jack--precocious and cute kid
    Quade--parents couldn't decide between Wade and Quinn
    Liam--Quiet, smart boy
    Archer--ADM (Archer Daniels Midland--massive food conglomerate that put corn sweetener in all our food and made America fat) or a wannabe Robin Hood

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    Anderson: Cooper
    Greer: Garson, who was female
    Everett: serious, yet fun (also, Rupert Everett)
    Sawyer: LOST
    Ryan: Reynolds, or the three Ryans I knew in my freshman year of college
    Mason: Disick or stonemason or little boys running around at my work
    Jack: Sparrow, Harkness, or my 13-year-old cousin
    Quade: ducks, since it's right below Jack
    Liam: one of my favorite boy names right now (also Neeson or Hemsworth)
    Archer: Robin Hood or that TV show, Archer

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    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Anderson - Cooper
    Greer - a weird sound rather then a name or word
    Everett - mountain
    Sawyer - tom. lumberjack.
    Ryan - i know tons of ryans, and a golden retriever named Ryan who is my favourite, and most recently a name DH is trying (unsuccessfully) to sell me on.
    Mason - jar. then character from dead like me.
    Jack - and jill. then the 11 kids down the street named jack, seriously popular name here.
    Quade - ducks! i sort of see the appeal on this one, almost, it could grow on me
    Liam - cute little kid, why do you have to be so popular?
    Archer - Archer from Private Practice, then an actual Archer running through the woods
    - the littles-

    Edmund James & Josephine Poppy

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    Anderson- a little boy I once taught. Brilliant kid, always loved the name
    Greer- I don't even know, some illness???
    Everett- mountains
    Sawyer- Lost
    Ryan- the million Ryans I know
    Mason- my nephew
    Jack- either an old man or little baby
    Quade- Dennis
    Liam- Neeson
    Archer- the cartoon

    I like all of the names except Greer and Quade
    My favorites are Sawyer, Liam, and Anderson

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