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    Elementary school class initials

    Time to play with some combinations. Here is a list of initials to fill in the blanks. The second and third letter are middle names, not surnames. Remember to leave your own set of class initials for the next person.

    Girl: L B
    Boy: F R
    G: V J
    G: X T
    B: K P
    B: R T K
    G: S W
    B: V E
    G: Y C
    B: H D
    B: K I
    G: O A G
    B: J M V
    G: U Z
    G: E L O
    G: N X
    B: Q T
    B: W Y
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    ≈ Flora Wendeline Myth ≈ Louisa Dorothy Tale ≈
    ≈ Arthur Fenwick Rune ≈ Henry Alexander Craig

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    | Aase | Aibhne | Freja | Hestia | Isobel | Josephine | Louise |
    | Maude | Opal | Rose | Starling | Ursa | Violet | Willa | Winter | Zoë |

    Unisex: Fen | Forest | Hart | Loch | Lore | Rune |
    Honours | Rate

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    Louisa Belle
    Frederick Rhys
    Vivienne Juliet
    Xanthe Tallulah
    Kai Patrick
    Ronan Theodore Killian
    Seraphine Willow
    Vincent Everett
    Yara Catherine
    Henry Dexter
    Kane Isaac
    Ophelia Alice Genevieve
    Jude Malachi Vaughn
    Una Zoe
    Eleanor Luella Olive
    Naomi Xandria
    Quinn Thomas
    Walter York

    G: JH
    G: EFH
    B: BEC
    B: PU
    B: KE
    B: EG
    G: IAE
    G: AF
    B: AL
    B: DBJ
    G: WCC
    B: OK
    G: LS
    B: MZO
    B: GR
    G: PAQ
    B: CJ
    B: WO
    G: BGE
    Combos I'm Liking:

    Everett Wolf, Ronan, Leo, Rufus, Jane, Henry, Phoebe & Juliet

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    G: Julia Hazel
    G: Emily Fiona Harper
    B: Brandt Ethan Charles
    B: Philip Urban
    B: Kaleb Elias
    B: Edwin George
    G: Ivy Adelaide Elise
    G: Alexandra Florence
    B: Abram "Abe" Linus
    B: David Bryer Jacob
    G: Winry Catherine Celeste
    B: Oliver Kane
    G: Lydia Susan
    B: Matthew "Matt" Zander Owen
    B: Graham Robert
    G: Petra Annabelle Quinn
    B: Calder James
    B: William "Will" Oliver
    G: Beatrice "Bea" Georgia Elizabeth

    G: RB
    G: OC
    G: FO
    B: LF
    B: WI
    B: GE
    G: GT
    G: SJ
    G: AA
    B: PN
    B: ME
    B: NA
    G: BE
    G: HP
    B: TK

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